Monday, June 30, 2014


When I put up my 40 Beauty Questions TAG and in it mentioned the primer I currently use is Benefit POREfessional, what followed was a stream of questions asking my opinion on this product. So I figured that I better get around to putting up my review on this amazing product so that it can help you all decide if it's a primer worth checking out for yourselves.

This product has a slight flesh coloured tint but claims that it is translucent so I imagine that the slight hint of colour doesn't have much to do with coverage.

The name gives it away, it's a balm formulation that is quite waxy. It has the thickness of something in between a concealer and a gloopy foundation. I feel like the consistency it what assists this product most with diminishing the appearance of pores because it sort of fills them in by being gloopy but thins out as you blend

I generally use a pea sized amount and rub it into the areas surrounding my nose where I find my pores to be the most problematic. As I mentioned just before it thins out as you blend so this keeps it from being too thick and caking up your makeup.

Okay so into the nitty gritty of this review...does it actually work? I would say personally for me, yes. I definitely notice a difference in not only the size of my pores but also how long my makeup lasts and how it helps my foundation and other face products smooth on.

My only issue with the product is that after about 12 hours of wear it begins to flake from underneath my foundation and almost become patchy in some places. Now this is definitely to be expected when you're wearing a product for so long combined with the fact that my foundation still looks fresher than if I hadn't applied it and actually lasts longer when I wear this product.

I adore the packaging on the POREfessional because it's extremely practical where you can squeeze every last drop of the product out. Not to mention the whole concept and colour scheme is adorable.

Cost and Accessibility
If you're an Australian reader then this is quite an expensive product, actually the main reason why I held of purchasing it for so long. This pore minimising balm will set you back $53 from Myer and David Jones but you can also order directly from the US site which can be beneficial in saving money.

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Unknown said...

I've only ever tried the sample size of the porefessional, but I absolutely loved it! like you mentioned, I haven't bought it because of the price tag here in Aus, but I think I'm just going to have to cave and get it, it honestly is such a great product. :)

Jordy said...


Definitely! I feel like the price puts off a lot of people but I'm glad I gave it a go :) x