Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Lately I have had an obsession with this gorgeous powder blue colour, specifically when it comes to clothing and accessories. So I thought it would be appropriate to share the powder blue love with you all and create a little wish list for inspiration. It wasn't very hard to put this together considering so many stores have recently come out with collections themed with this shade of blue and a baby pink. Due to being a Brisbane based fashion blogger I wanted to make all of these items accessible to those of you who live in Brisbane or even Australia wide so you can find any of these pieces in any Westfield or shopping mall.

Bardot Pastel Biker Jacket ($159.95)
Bardot is currently the queen of powder blue because they have a massive spring range where it's the primary colour so I struggled to choose my couple of favourites from the many options. However, this jacket definitely stood out because I loved the details of the asymmetrical zipper and padded design on the shoulder. Surprisingly I wasn't too shocked by the price because anything under $200 for a really nice jacket is awesome and I usually am so put off by Bardot prices but this price definitely seems reasonable.
Click here to check out Bardot's Pastel Biker Jacket.

Forever New Ivy Day Bag ($69.99)
This would be the perfect way to incorporate powder blue in a subtle way to any outfit because it gives you that pop of colour without having it be a bold clothing piece.
Click here to check out Forever New's Ivy Day Bag.

Bardot High Rider Skirt ($79.95)
This is such a classic and chic look that would be perfectly paired with a white crop top and strappy white pumps as pictured in the bottom right corner of the collage (Betts Stacked Heels). $80 for such a basic skirt is pushing it and if it were any other colour then I wouldn't even consider it.
Click here to check out Bardot's High Rider Skirt.

Forever New Aurelie Embellished Watch
For s subtle pop of powder blue you could go with something as simple as this gorgeous watch that is a little out of the ordinary compared to your usual gold. It incorporates this shade subtly into any outfit.
Click here to check out Forever New's Aurelie Embellished Watch.

Forever New Catherine Filigree Drops ($16.99
I love how these earrings are more an icy blue because it compliments the powder blue so well. These would look great with any of the items on this wish-list or even with a plain outfit combined with the watch mentioned previously.
Click here to check out Forever New's Catherine Filigree Drops.

Forever New Stephanie Crop Sweater ($69.99)
Stay warm while still sporting this gorgeous powder blue shade with a cute knit sweater; fashionable and practical.
Click here to check out Forever New's Stephanie Crop Sweater.

Betts Stacked Heels ($109.99)
Betts have incredible quality shoes and this particular design is just stunning. Although the colour isn't powder blue, I wanted to include it since the white is so complimentary and also I unfortunately haven't been able to find a pair of shoes a powder blue shade.
Click here to check out Betts 'Stacked' Heels.

Forever New Queenie Dress ($99.95)
I love the simplicity of this classic dress while still being really fashionable with the slim fit until the pleated bottom. It's the perfect colour base that incorporates powder blue but is so versatile and can be dressed up or down. You can make this day time appropriate with a white blazer or cardigan and sandals or you could turn this dress into a nighttime look with a pleather jacket and some chunky heels.
Click here to check out Forever New's Queenie Dress.

Have you been loving powder blue as much as me? If so then let me know some powder blue things you have been inspired by but if not then let me know what colour you have been loving lately.

Thank you for reading :)


Unknown said...

That handbag is gorgeous! Going straight on my wishlist ♡

Eila | theblushingbrunettes

Jordy said...

I know right, so beautiful! Definitely at the top of mine, hopefully I can resist though haha!

Londyn said...

beautiful blues!!

Beautylymin said...

The biker jacket is stunning!

Lucy said...

What beautiful clothes the dress, leather jacket and bag are so lovely Lucy x