Friday, July 25, 2014


I haven't delved into the brand Shideido until now when I picked up my very first product from them, the Maquillage True Eye Shadow Palette in BR264. I really wish that these palettes had names rather than codes because a lot of the palettes look really similar to each other and it's hard to tell them apart when you can't remember the code name. Nevertheless, this has no impact on the product itself and let me jump straight to the point...the quality is phenomenal. These are some of the nicest Eyeshadows I have ever tried in my life and exceed even the highest end of brands like Chanel so keep reading to find out why.

Colour and Pigmentation
This is very dependent on which palette you select so I am going to talk about colour more in terms of pigmentation. Briefly the colour scheme that I tried consisted of nude champagne golds and bronzes. The pigmentation is some of the best that I have ever seen in an eyeshadow and I would say is on par with brands like NARS, from which I have never swatched an eyeshadow from them that isn't super pigmented). The pigmentation exceeds any Chanel eyeshadow that I own or have tried and is more comparable to a pigmented MAC shadow (because we all know MAC has some dud colours that barely show) or Urban Decay shades from the Naked Palettes. You can see swatches below of how the colours show up when applied. Something else to note is that in this particular palette there are four shimmery shades and one matte.

What sets these shadows apart from the rest definitely comes down to the formulation because although the pigmentation is alike Urban Decay Naked Palette shadows, the smooth and buttery consistency of the Shiseido ones make the difference. The shadows are very finely milled which results in a more vibrant colour on the eyelids. It also makes the shadows nice and blendable helping to create seamless eyeshadow looks. 
Application and Usage
Since these eyeshadows are so buttery smooth I find that synthetic brushes work much better with this product than animal hair brushes since the synthetic fibres generally work better with creamy products. I love using flat shader brushes for the lighter colours to place all over my lid then fluffy blending brushes for the two darker colours to place those shades in my crease. My favourite brushes to use are Furless and of course Real Techniques (use code QAB322 on for 50% off, click HERE).

I am happy to say that these eyeshadows remain vibrant for the entire day until you remove your makeup. These colours have incredibly impressive lasting power and another positive to note is that they don't crease despite being so buttery and soft that you nearly expect them to. Overall very impressive longevity and the product wears very nicely.

I am so incredibly in love with the packaging of this product. The shadows are encased in a baby pastel pink with gold accents. I love how sturdy the packaging is and it's just such a pretty compact to have sitting on your vanity.

Cost and Accessibility
This palette is usually around $50 and can be purchased online from a heap of websites that stock Shiseido (such as and you can also find them on eBay. I think that $50 for five eye shadows is completely reasonable and very similar pricing to Inglot. It works out to be $10 per shadow encased in a gorgeous package, you can't complain about that.

So that is it for my review on the Shiseido Maquillage True Eyeshadow Palette in BR264. My overall opinion on this product is that you receive five gorgeous eyeshadows, all of impeccable quality, packaged gorgeously. Better yet it won't break the bank and is completely affordable for such a luxurious product.

Have you tried much from Shiseido? I would love to know your experience with their products and if you have any recommendations because I would love to check out more from what they offer.

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Sheri said...

What a gorgeous palette. I haven't tried anything from Shiseido purely because of the price, but the shadows in this palette look really nice. I especially like that cool-toned brown.

Sheri | Behind The Frames

Jordy said...

I completely agree, very pricey! I would say it's worth the cost though :) That's my favourite shade from this palette too! x