Thursday, August 14, 2014


Spring time is almost here, hooray! Just one more month of winter to go and that means bringing out the go-to pastels for the warmer weather. Luckily here in Queensland it's already starting to heat up and with all of the day events I have coming up, I have been inspired by the gorgeous options on offer from, mostly, locally accessible stores. This fashion wishlist consists of the citrus obsession currently going on with all of these beautiful pale and sunny yellows in trend. Read on to find out more about all these lovely lemon garments.   
Bardot Savanna Lace Tee ($69.95)
This gorgeous top is a blend of nylon and cotton so it's not only comfortable but also structured so it fits nicely. The pale yellow sheet is overlayed with a lace design to add a bit of body and frill to the top. I love how the sleeves flare out and give it some shape so it's overall a very flattering cut.
Bardot Savanna Lace Skirt ($79.95)
Definitely the perfect skirt to go with the lace tee mentioned above since it seamlessly matches the flower lace design and frilly cut. The length definitely gives it a bit more of a relaxed and bohemian look.

Bardot Savanna Playsuit ($109.95)
blah I love a good playsuit but I admit they has begun looking a bit repetitive until I saw this beauty! I've never seen a playsuit with such a structured shorts look because usually they are more of a flowy bottom that appears to be a dress but actually has shorts built in. These however look more like shorts with a flowy top which I love because it's so unique. I also adore the sweetheart neckline and flattering cut.  

Bardot Lace Flip Dress ($99.95)
blah So we've covered the two-piece and the playsuit but what about this dress?! This has to be my favourite of the three because it's just so classic, chic and feminine. I love the synching at the waist and again at the leg because it gives shape to the dress. My favourite bit is definitely the structure with the flare at the bottom not to mention those gorgeous cris-cross straps. There's a lot to love with this one.

Forever New Aurelie Embellished Watch ($34.99)
Yellow can be quite a bold colour to experiment with so if you just want a pop of citrus then this watch is the way to go. You're still sporting the pastel yellow trend while not having to change up your usual blacks, whites, greys or whatever colours you usually go for.
blah You may remember a previous post of mine raving all about my love for pastel blue and it somehow snuck itself into this post as well but I thought that the way this clutch incorporated the sunny yellow with the pastel blue was way too cute to not include.

Asos Spring Break Heels ($49.42)
Similar to the watch, these are the perfect option for adding a pop of colour because they speak for themselves and can dress up any outfit. The height on these is just right and the pointed toe adds a classic edge.
So that's my little inspiration wishlist highlighting some of my favourite pastel yellow garments from some easily accessible stores such as; Bardot, Forever New and Colette. Definitely look forward to seeing more of these pastel inspiration posts over the next couple of weeks leading into Spring.
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Beckerman Girls said...

Gorgeous citrus colors!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that tweed clutch..sooo chic!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Unknown said...

I had no idea you lived in Qld too! That's so awesome.
I've definitely been all about the yellow lately as well. Especially for the nails. there's just something about bright, fun nails that makes it seem more like Summer. Bright nails and fresh strawberries, yum!

Deb | Debra Bros Blog

Jordy said...

@Beckerman Girls
I love them too! The tweed clutch is definitely a favourite from this post, it will definitely be making it's way into my purse collection :) xx

Jordy said...

Totally agree! The pastel yellow nails are always a must in Spring/Summer :) Definitely, so excited for the weather to warm up a bit more!! x

Lou said...

This is a great post!

Jordy said...


Thank you so much! :) x

Komal Jha said...

Lovely Read!