Sunday, August 17, 2014


Yesterday I braved the rain and headed out to The Ekka for an authentic carnival experience. If you're unsure what the Ekka is then basically it's a huge exhibition that comes around for a week or so each year; filled with rides, carnival food, showbags, a petting zoo, lots of shows and markets etc. It's the Brisbane equivalent of the Sydney Royal Easter Show and The Royal Melbourne Show.

There's something about exhibitions that has always captivated me, especially as a kid, The Ekka was definitely a highlight of my childhood and I was lucky enough to go almost every year. So I didn't hesitate to round up my little brothers and sisters to take them on an Ekka adventure while the carnival was still in town. I thought that I would share my experience through a series of photos so I hope that you enjoy!

So that was my Ekka experience, through photos. I had so much fun capturing the beauty and excitement of a carnival so I hope that you enjoyed. As you can see from the last photo I picked up the Women's Health and Fitness showbag, as I do every year, and it's safe to say that my younger brothers and sister left very spoilt with showbags larger than themselves! You would have also noticed my selfie with the beautiful sheep and I plan on writing up a whole blog post about the petting zoo over on Jordy's Fitness so stay tuned for that.
Thank you for reading!