Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Being a blonde can be hard work, granted that I'm not as blonde as I used to be since getting ombre but it's the hair colour most susceptible to experiencing issues. If you swim in chlorine then you're hair can turn greenish and if you don't balance your hair out with purple products then your blonde can turn brassy. Goldwell has specifically formulated an entire range around maintenance for blonde hair to ensure your golden locks, well, don't become too golden.

There are four different components to this collection featuring a shampoo, conditioner, treatment and heat protectant. All four serve a certain purpose, all equally important.

The shampoo contains a silvery purple tint that works to tone the hair while cleaning it. I loved the consistency of this shampoo because it wasn't too drying and I actually felt as though it was nourishing my hair since it had such a creamy texture. I found that two washes with a 50 cent coin sized dollop of this product was ideal.

The conditioner was surprisingly effective since my hair is only conditioned well by a select few products and so many I've tried just don't moisturise well enough. This conditioner was fantastic and thoroughly nourished my hair. Similar to the shampoo it contained toning properties by having a purple tint.

When this treatment says 60 seconds, it isn't kidding around! You notice a difference in the texture of your hair in the first 5 seconds of application, your hair soaks up the cream like a sponge and feels extremely soft and silky. After rinsing the hair still retains a lot of the moisturise and it doesn't all wash out like some treatments where after rinsing your hair feels like it did before the treatment.

Protecting your hair from heat when you're a blonde is crucial because your locks are probably already bleach damaged so we want to prevent as much heat damage as we can. The best way is obviously to avoid blow drying or straightening but if your hair can't go without being styled then a heat protectant is a must. That's where this product comes in, and I love how it's specifically formulated for blondes.
My overall thoughts on this range are that each product is fantastic quality and I would highly recommend the collection for blondes who have trouble keeping brassy tones out of their hair and/or have quite dry locks.


Unknown said...

I totally agree that being blonde can be hard work! Those products look great thought!

Much love xxx

Bellezzefelici said...

What a nice review :)
Has this brand products also for dark hair?


Jordy said...

Definitely! I look back at some of my old photos and cringe at how brassy and orange my hair was...eeek

Jordy said...

That's a great question! I will definitely look into that for you :) x

Dance with Blondiie xx said...

Where can I purchase the range Jordy? Is it readily available in Aus? Xx