Monday, August 25, 2014


Lately I have been seeing Tweed everywhere; on runways, in the shops and all over fashion blogs! I decided to jump on this glitter covered bandwagon and try out tweed for myself, in the process I found myself looking online for inspiration so decided to share it with you girls as well. Mainly because I have such a preconceived idea about tweed that I was shocked when I found so many gorgeous outfits showing how versatile the print is! First up is the gorgeous dusty pink and blue tweed two piece pictured above. It's perfect for Spring or Autumn where you can pull of wearing shorts while also sporting a jacket. The pretty pastels make it particularly matched for Spring and when paired with gold and chains makes an edgy outfit.
Next up we have this gorgeous tweed Chanel coat above then below we have a tweed dress with plaited details. Now Chanel are king when it comes to tweed; it's one of their most classic looks and it's where my mind goes to, other than David Jones, when I think of Tweed. They definitely have their options when it comes to sporting this trend but most likely the price range is out of most people's budget. Rest assured that this is a classic trend that will remain wearable, for well...ever really. Below is also an example of a Chanel tweed piece.

The blazer above and the skirt below are examples of incorporating coloured tweed into a basic outfit appropriate for everyday wear. The primarily pink but somewhat rainbow blazer is paired with a plain black dress and bag which ties into the black details on the pocket and wrist. The green, pink and yellow tweed skirt below is paired with a plain black peplum and black leggings. Both are perfect office looks. 

Below is an edgy tweed piece with sequin pieces that reflect like opalescent shells. This two piece outfit is perfect for making a statement with tweed and is anything but subtle. The pastels make it the perfect ensemble for the upcoming spring and summer.
 Lastly I have my favourite tweed look that I have seen so far and that is a classic black and white tweed two piece. I love how the blazer is left loosely open with a plain white shirt peaking through and a black bag, giving the elements of both black and white which reflect those colours from the tweed.
So whether you're over in the northern hemisphere finishing up Summer or in the south hemisphere about to enter Spring, Tweed is a fashion essential despite the season. It's a style so easily incorporated into any look for every occasion and I expect to see a lot more of it around.
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Hannah said...

Loving the black and white tweed blazer and shorts in the last photo and I love the green, pink and yellow tweed skirt with the black peplum top! xxx

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Jordy said...

Agreed! We have such a similar taste in tweed faves :D x