Friday, August 22, 2014


Health and wellness advocate, Author, mother of Miranda and Matthew Kerr, and now Therese Kerr can add owner of personal care range to her list of accomplishments. Recently I attended one of Therese's beautifully constructed events, located at Organic Wray Northlakes on Brisbane's Northside. It was the perfect place for the event to be held, right amongst aisles of health foods and fresh produce.

Divine offers a range of personal care items including; tooth mousse, hand soap + lotion, mouthwash and. The main benefit of these products is that they are certified organic, leaving out all of the nasties. Everyday we expose ourselves to these toxic chemicals by lathering ourselves in soaps, creams and countless other harmful products. Therese believes that there is a direct correlation between these toxic ingredients and a lot of the issues that we commonly see today. There are studies coming out left and right supporting these theories. The whole night was extremely enlightening and gave me a whole different perspective on how I view personal hygiene products. Health extends beyond food/ what you put into your body and emphasises the importance of considering personal care as an integral part of remaining healthy.

I was delighted to have the opportunity to sit down with Therese and discuss everything holistic health. Just being in the presence of this beautiful soul is extremely inspiring and it was incredible to be able to get her view on certain topics. In the interview we delved a little bit into topics such as; her personal life, her inspirations for transforming her lifestyle and personal struggles that have shaped Therese into the woman she is today. Enjoy the interview below.

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