Friday, September 12, 2014


When it comes to body treatments I'm all over them...or they're all over me, either one. They are the perfect way of treating yourself to something luxurious as a mid-week pick me up or to help wind down on the weekend. Premium Spa are one of my go-to brands for that sort of purpose since they have such an array of products to choose from that each treatment is completely different and the variety makes it much more exciting. From butters to scrubs and balms to masks, Premium Spa have you covered!


Coconut & Vanilla Body Butter
This is a super creamy moisturiser that gives your skin a huge moisture hit. It's an extremely heavy duty, winter-proof moisture solution for when your skin is feeling particularly dry. It's definitely a favourite of mine because it leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished.

Lemon Butter Salt Body Scrub
I am completely obsessed with this product, it is absolutely incredible in every single way and leaves the nicest scent and smooth feel on my skin. Since pure essential oils are the main ingredients in this product, it penetrates your skin deep with extreme moisture leaving your skin extremely smooth. The texture is quite rough and chunky so it exfoliates extremely effectively. The scent of this product makes you feel like you're in a luxurious spa with a lemony and essential oil smell.

Frangipani & Coconut Sugar Body Scrub
A similar concept to the salt scrub but slightly different since this one is sugar based. The consistency is a similar abrasive and chunky mixture so the aspect of exfoliation is just as effective. 
SOS Wonder Scrub
Made with wattle seed, walnut and rice bran...this product sounds good enough to eat. The active ingredient being aloe vera which has extreme healing properties. Thoroughly buff away dry and dead skin with super charged natural walnut, wattleseed, rice bran and natural AHAs.
SOS Moisture Balm
With frangipani and coconut, this balm is perfectly paired with the sugar body scrub. This blend of deeply nurturing essential oils and extracts you can hydrate, smooth and nourish skin all over.

Face & Body Mask
This product is made with white clay, rosehip and chamomile making it a relaxing and spa-worthy mud mask for the body. The rosehip helps to nourish and moisturise while the chamomile calms and soothes. Detoxify, purify, deep cleanse and condition skin with pure kaolin clay, organic rosehip, oil leaf extract and witch hazel.
Ultra Firming Body Balm
With Shea butter, jojoba oil and goji berry, this exotic combination is the perfect amount moisturising and effective. Packed with skin saving ingredients to instantly restore skin's moisture balance and visibly improve firmness and elasticity.
I have also tried out a couple of the Premium Spa body washes and moisturisers of which I could definitely review in the future but I thought these seven products would be plenty to talk about in this review. Overall I would definitely recommend Premium Spa products because they're a wonderful way of treating yourself to some grade-A pampering. All of these products are extremely affordable and available from Priceline.
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Unknown said...

The coconut and vanilla body butter sounds amazing! ♡

Eila | theblushingbrunettes

Jordy said...

It's soo nice, almost good enough to eat lol :) x

Unknown said...

Please tell me you have an instagram pages or website so I can buy more of this stuff!