Sunday, November 30, 2014


Lately I have been utilising Instagram as more of a creative outlet than ever before and I have really enjoyed working on my photography skills and being able to share it with you lovely girls who follow me. If you aren't following me on Instagram then now has never been a better time since I have been posting so much. My handle is @JordyCannon and I would love to chat with you over on there as I always have my phone in hand, scrolling. How these will work is each time I will choose my favourite photos that I've posted over the week and share them here in a post. You will see mostly the makeup spreads I have put together and occasionally a personal update or photos from events.

First up we have the above image showcasing the Naked 1 Palette and a series of red options for lips, cheeks and nails. I used a lot of these products to create my Friday night makeup look.

Below is showing the result of my visit to the salon on Friday. Out with the ombre and in with the new lighter shade for summer.

 My article about Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane was published.
I put together a nautical themed birthday essentials spread featuring my favourite bubbly, Chandon.  
 Celebrating the nearing of Summer with these coral craze products.
 Also due to Summer quickly approaching, announcing a collaboration in the works with Le Tan. 
 My current five lip product favourites.
 BOE Professional's latest launch, Perfect Pout lip creams. Of course featuring their "Jordy" nail polish. Watch my favourite Spring/Summer Lip Product favourites here.
The star products of my November Favourites. Watch the video here or read the blog post here.  

So that concludes this weeks instagram round up, the first of many more to come. I hope you enjoyed these images and looking forward to posting these roundups is great inspiration, I already have the creativity flowing for next week.
Thanks for reading!