Friday, November 28, 2014


November is my favourite month of the year other than December (nothing beats Christmas) mainly because of my birthday and I also love the lead up to the holiday season. Due to this, it's a month where I do spoil myself a little bit, finding new and awesome products to try out. So I have six interesting and fun products to show you in this post, all of which I have been adoring this month.

My first favourite you will have to head over to my Instagram (@JordyCannon) or Facebook page for since it's my new hair colour. I decided to lighten up for Summer, ditching the ombre for a bright blonde.

Real Techniques Brushes
My all time favourite brushes are Real Techniques since they are overall the best on the market if you take into consideration quality and the small price you pay for them. I always buy my Real Techniques brushes from since they sell them for US prices and if you use code QAB322 you can get 25% off! So that's $5 off orders over $20 and $10 off orders over $40.
My previous post was actually a review on this amazing product so there's no surprise this made it into my favourites this month since I was using it pretty much every day in November. If you have never heard of it before, basically it is a foot rest that you attach to the corner of your shower which provides you with a ledge that makes it super simple to shave, exfoliate, tan or anything else you would normally do in the shower that may involve some sort of straining yoga position.
Ivory Lashes
I am a huge fan of false eyelashes since I don't obtain a naturally full and long set of my own. So it's safe to say that I have tired many of the options on the market and have recently found these ones to be my favourite. What I love most about them is that they are completely re-useable and I can often get 4-6 wears out of them without even noticing a decrease in their quality, meaning you get your moneys worth out of them. I also love how they have an entire range of natural lashes so you can get away with wearing these on a daily basis and maybe even trick a few unsuspecting strangers into thinking these are your real lashes.
I am a huge fan of ghd stylers, they're some of the best on the market and ghd have a way of always releasing fabulous new stylers that I just must have. This "sunset" styler from the bird of paradise collection is definitely one I couldn't pass up and since I have been using this every single time I straighten my hair, I had to include it as a favourite from this month. Amazing quality straightener that looks absolutely stunning on the bathroom counter, adding a bit of colour to every morning.
I'm almost certain this is my first and only Shiseido product but the quality is phenomenal. These are some of the nicest eyeshadows I have ever tried in my life and exceed even the highest end of brands like Chanel so it's no question why I've been reaching for this palette so often. I love the combination of the one matte shade with all of the stunning shimmery shadows. There is a perfect balance between light and dark meaning you can transition your eye look from day to night with this one compact palette.

NARS Pressed Powder Foundation
Ladies keep your eyes peeled for a full review on this precious compact coming soon! Let's just say it has quickly become my new favourite pressed powder of all time and I have in fact been using it every single day in November, no exceptions since nothing compares.

That wraps my favourites from this month. Without any doubt I would highly recommend all of these products because they are certainly worth giving a go.

Thanks for reading!