Thursday, December 4, 2014


We have all had those intense summer days when we come home and realise our makeup has faded and just about melted off. If you have a wedding, formal or other special occasion coming up then this is the article for you. In fact even if you want your makeup to last all day without smudging, creasing or fading then listen up to these three tips to ensure a flawless finish that will last you hours! 

If you have spent so much time perfecting a makeup look then it's a shame for it to start fading or smudging so I am sharing my four favourite and most effective tips for keeping your makeup in place all day. You probably have all of these products in your collection already (if you don't, then they are definitely worth the investment) but it's the order in which they go and how you use them that has the biggest impact on the longevity of your makeup.

Prime time
Before you even think about putting an item of makeup onto your face, it's essential to pick up a primer and apply a generous layer to your face. This will ensure there's a barrier between your skin and your makeup, providing a sticky base for your makeup to stick to rather than having your skins natural oils act as a makeup remover. Okay so that's a little overly dramatic but seriously, trust me when I say that a primer makes a world of difference. 

Recommendations: So what kind of primer? There are so many on the market that there is one to cater to every skin type and requirement so here is a whole post showcasing some of the best primers on offer. A few of my favourites for the face include the Benefit Porefessional and the Maybelline Dream Smooth Base Alisadora (pictured above) and they will work with most skin types as a great base. For the eyes I am a massive advocate for the classic Urban Decay Primer Potion, tried and tested by so many beauty lovers. I have gone through numerous tubes of it and am currently using a baby version that was included with my Naked palette.

Perfect products
Now I'm talking about the actual products you use since there are definitely some that are longer lasting than others and techniques that extend wear time. My biggest secret is using a cream base then setting it with a powder instead of using only powder and having it fade much quicker. This works particularly well with eyeshadows by using a cream shadow then setting it with a usual powder. This of course ties into using a primer then foundation and then properly setting it, which we will go into in the next step.

Recommendations: Mary Kay Cream Eyeshadows ($24) and Maybelline Color Tattoos ($12) are fantastic cream shadow options with lots of colours to choose from, perfect to place underneath eyeshadows.

Learn more with my review for the Mary Kay Cream Eyeshadows or for the Maybelline Color Tattoos

Set like a pro
Setting powder is your best friend when it comes to keeping your makeup in place all day. A good translucent loose powder will set your concealer and foundation, locking it into place; leaving you with a matte and shine free face.

Recommendations: Makeup Forever HD Powder is a cult favourite and with good reason since this is the perfect product for the job. I never notice a white cast and it has never gone cakey on me so I only have great things to say, you can read my full review here.

Ready, set, spray
I'm not just referring to a quick spray at the end of your makeup application...I'm talking about spraying your makeup brushes with a setting spray each time you use a product. Working a setting spray into the actual product is much more effective than a simple spray at the end. It ensures each product is individually set and definitely not budging.

Recommendations: If you're willing to invest in a high end one then I would recommend Skindinavia or MAC. However, if you're looking for a cheaper alternative then Mary Kay, which is created by Skindinavia, and Australis offer great products.

Those are my four favourite tips for keeping my makeup in place all day. Use some of these steps or all of them, each one works towards increasing the longevity of your makeup look. I hope that they work well for you too.

Thanks for reading!