Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Being a brand that only just became easily accessible to us Aussies with the arrival of Sephora in Sydney, I definitely wanted to give Becca a go.

They are notably well known for their Beach Tint which is a stain suitable for both lips and cheeks, said to work with all skin types.

These 2-in-1 tints aren't a new concept with Benefit mostly dominating the market with the original BeneTint and the other variations that followed including LolliTint and Cha Cha Tint.

Colour Selection- What I love about this product is the variation within the range as they offer nine different shades of berry, pink and coral. The colour I chose is "Straw-berry" which is a mixture of all three since it is a lovely burnt shade of coral berry with undertones of pink. It blends out to a subtle rosy glow, perfect as an everyday blush and/or lip colour.

Consistency - The formulation is light and easily blendable while the colour seamlessly melts into your foundation for a naturally flushed look. The gel feel ensures that the colour is evenly distributed and that there is no patchiness.

Additional Benefits- It's preservative and paraben free making it a friendly product that won't harm your skin. The scent is so lovely so it is great to apply on both your lips and cheeks since sometimes these sorts of products are better suited just to cheeks.

Pricing - This product retails at $42 and is available at the Sephora store in Sydney or online straight from Becca. I must admit that the price is quite steep but if you compare it to the Benefit BeneTint or other similar products on the market, it isn't too overpriced. I think the issue moreso is the price difference between Australia and the US where we are paying at least an extra $10, even with currency conversions and tax taken into consideration.

The verdict is that this is a great product for travel or on-the-go to keep in your purse since it serves two purposes and is great for both cheek and lip touch ups. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone (Dislcaimer: does not condone animal violence). It is perfect if you're looking for a luxury item to splurge on otherwise you might be better off getting a blush and lip tint from the drugstore and still having some cash leftover for some lunch (sushi anyone?).
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