Monday, January 19, 2015


NARS is a brand that has been popping up more and more in my collection and since I can never resist Mecca's beautiful displays.

I finally caved and made a big lot of purchases. Which let's face it, four products isn't a lot but it is considering their price. I picked up three duo eyeshadow compacts and one single eyeshadow, mainly because I think the duo eyeshadows are at a much better price point but I still wanted to give the other a go.

NARS "Marie-Galante"
For your glitter fix- A mid-toned purple with stunning blue glitter reflects and a midnight navy blue with an amazing silver glitter. The complimentary blue undertones in the purple make the navy shade the perfect match. I'm definitely going to be reaching for this one when I want to go all out with some bright and bold colours.

NARS "Bateau Ivre"
A versatile selection of matte and subtle glimmer. One shade is a dark sky blue with a very slight glitter and a deep mix of navy and indigo with a mostly matte finish. Perfect for those who like to play around with blues whether that be coloured liner, a pop underneath the eyes or in the inner corner, these colours are perfect to use together or by themselves.

NARS "Paramaribo"
The perfect duo of a green toned olive and deep golden chestnut with complimentary olive undertones. Perfect for mixing and matching to create an interesting sultry night look.

NARS "D. Gorgeous"
This beautiful pale pink with lilac undertones is perfect for everyday wear due to it's creamy finish and subtle use of colour.

The duo eyeshadows are priced at $46 and the single shadow at $34 from Mecca Maxima and Mecca Cosmetica.

Look out for these products in future posts and videos to see them in action or compared to other eyeshadows. From my use of them so far, I would say that they are definitely great quality eyeshadows worth trying out but I'm yet to make my decision on if the pricing is justified.
Watch my high end makeup haul below.

Thanks for reading!