Friday, January 16, 2015


You have more than likely heard of Real Techniques by now and you might even have some of their brushes in your collection! I posted on Instagram a couple of weeks back when the Pixiwoo girls announced the news of a Bold Metals collection, a luxury range to be released within their brush line.

What's so great about Real Techniques as a company is that they are amazing quality but aren't priced so expensive that they will break the bank.

Real Techniques is available in Australia from Priceline but unfortunately, and expectantly, the price is ridiculously inflated.That's the reason I buy all of my Real Techniques online from where they sell at US RRP and you can use the discount code QAB322 for;
- $10 off orders over $40
- $5 off orders under $40.

Real Techniques are some of my personal favourite brushes and I use a couple of them on an everyday basis which is why I was so excited to hear about them releasing this new range. Included in the collection are silver, gold and rose gold brushes that will look stunning sitting on your vanity and are definitely luxe quality.

Currently these brushes are available in the UK at Boots and the US at Ulta but are yet to make their way to Australian shores. Based on the price point these are overseas, we can speculate Priceline will have the brushes available between the range of $20-$40 each brush. I expect that iHerb will have them avaliable for $15-$26 per brush.

I'm looking forward to seeing these become available within Australian, or at least within a website that ships to this side of the world such as iHerb because I don't know how much longer I can wait to get my hands on these stunning tools.

Thanks for reading!