Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Prepare yourselves party people, this is a lip gloss set for you and don't fall off your seat when I tell you the price!

I have been holding onto these babies for a little bit now mainly because I wanted to form a solid opinion on them before I wrote my review for you girls. NYX have SO MANY lip gloss ranges on the market so I was debating whether or not to even purchase this pack but I wanted to give them a go and let you know how they fair. This is an interesting set so read on to hear more about these five neon selections.

First off, let us discuss the colour options since they definitely stand out and this set is not typical of a usual NYX lipgloss range. Most notable is a crazy deep plum with an intense blue glitter throughout it but when applied turns more into a shade comparable to Benefit Lolli Tint. If so can I put it on my face too? Probably not.
Swatches from top to bottom; Classic Violet, Classic Fuchsia, Classic Red, Classic Coral and Classic Pink.

The consistency of these is different to anything I have tried from NYX before and although they are comparable to the Butter Glosses, they have a slightly different pigmentation making them more sheer. Further to this they also differ in consistency because they are much tackier and adhere to the lips better. Keep in mind that tacky isn't necessarily a negative thing especially because the Butter Glosses have a tendency to slip and slide all over the place at times.
I like the variation that this set includes; both cool and warm toned colours, a glitter as well as the four candy selections, bright neons and softer shades. There really is something for everyone and a great way of purchasing numerous types of glosses in the one go.

They have a very high gloss finish to them but all are best described as candy coloured other than the Violet that has a distinct sparkle throughout it for extra drama.

Pricing is absolutely fantastic on this set at just $15, yes you read correctly $15!! Each lipgloss works out to only be $3 each, an absolute bargain for such a lovely colour selection. These aren't miniature sized either, they are full sized 8.5ml glosses.

What I think this set would be perfect for is gifting because it can be hard to purchase makeup for someone else, not knowing what colours they generally go for. With this set you know it would b a good option for girls who like bright colours and love bold lips for a night out but it still gives them options. Not to mention, I haven't seen NYX do up a set such as this for their lip products before so it's a nice pre-packaged present.

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