Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Lashes, lashes, lashes! With a ridiculous amount of options on the market it can be extremely overwhelming so this post is to cut through the marketing and get down to the basics of lashes.

We are going to be taking a look at the kinds of lashes available and my personal recommendations.
Corner Lashes: These are perfect for everyday use since they elongate your eyes, make your lashes appear more full but still look quite natural. Keep in mind that you can always cut up a pair of full lashes to make some corner ones if you don't have any on hand but are after a more natural look.
Full Lashes: These full bands of lashes come in many shapes and sizes depending on your eye shape and personal preferences. There's what I call glamour lashes that are thick and full from end to end and top to bottom (as seen in the Ardell 1015 style). The next type is the sparse kind where each lash is spaced out providing a much more natural look. A style that doesn't really work for me is the criss-cross since they just look too dramatic on my eyes and I can't pull them off. My personal favourites are the whispies because they are thick and full like the glamour lashes but instead they taper out at the bottom for a natural flared look.  
Individual Lashes: This particular method is much more tedious when it comes to application but the results can be incredible! The finished look always looks really natural and like you have permanent eyelash extensions or even better, like they're your own.
Self-Adhesive Lashes: While most lashes are without glue and require you to apply your own, you will come across the occasional pre-glued option. These can be great but if you have a favourite glue then you probably want to overlook these.
My Recommendations
Ardell Demi 120
Ardell Edgy 401*
Ivory Lash "Enchanted"*
Glam Eyes Bambi Lashes*

Lash Glue
Then of course that brings us to lash glue and that in itself could be an entire post but I will mention my current favourite which is the Daiso eyelash glue priced at just $2.80. It's one of the best finds I have ever made and is available in both black and clear.
Ardell and Glam Eyes are available from Priceline, Kmart, Target and most other beauty aisles. Cherry Blossom and Ivory Lash are slightly more difficult to get your hands on but will be great for you online shoppers. There are numerous beauty boutiques that sell Cherry Blossom for just a few dollars each and Ivory Lash's are available straight from their website.

I hope this eyelashes 101 has shown you through the basics of falsies or maybe it's inspired you to venture out into all the options available.

Thanks for reading!