Thursday, February 5, 2015


So you're strolling through the Priceline aisles and you stumble upon the Bioderma Micellaire waters but there's 3're thinking "What does Hydrabio, Sensibio and Sebium mean and what in the world is the difference between them?"

I'm here to tell you all about these special little waters, their purpose, how to use them, what each of them do, how they differ from each other and most importantly...which one is the right one for you.  

First thing to note is that each of the H20 waters work due to ultra gentle micelles that solubilise in water and capture unwanted molecules such as dirt, sebum and make-up. Each of the waters obtain these properties and is the basis of their use but there are little differences between them that make them more perfect for certain skin types. So let's get into it, I'm going to keep in simple and straight forward so that it's easy to understand and you can spot which one would work best for you.
Bioderma Hydrabio H20 Solution Micellaire*
Micelle Solution that cleanses, removes make-up and moisturises. Additionally it soothes sensitive and intolerant skin.
Best as: Daily Cleansing and Makeup Removing (face and eyes)
Perfect for: Dehydrated Skin
Bioderma Sensibio H20 Solution Micellaire*
This one is very gentle and fragrance-free so sensitive skin girls will love this one. It cleanses impurities and removes make-up while maintaining the natural balance in your skin.
Best as: Gentle Daily Makeup Remover
Perfect for: Sensitive Skin
Bioderma Sebium H20 Solution Micellaire*
Sebium H20 is derived from the bestseller Crealine H20 and purifies the skin much moreso than the previous two. An interesting fact about the Sebium H20 is that is can be used as an after-shave for men so ladies, your boyfriend might thank you for having this one on the bathroom bench.
Best as: Purifying Cleanser and Makeup Remover (avoid eyes)
Perfect for: Combination or Oily Skin
The best way to use this product is simply by pouring a little bit on a cotton pad or cotton ball and swiping it all over your face. If you're using it to cleanse you will only need one application but if you are using it as a makeup remover then it is best if you use a cotton pad for each part of your face. For example, I use an individual cotton pad of the product for my forehead, one for each eye and one for each side of my face. You can either follow it up with cleansing or leave it as is since these are a non-rinse formula.
All of the variations are soap-free, alcohol-free, hypoallergenic and don't require rinsing so you can leave the residue on your face.
Each of these products is $29.99 for 250mm and available wherever Bioderma is sold so places such as Priceline and pharmacies.
I hope this has helped you understand the differences between the three H20 Waters that Bioderma offer and you now know which one is best for you.
Thanks for reading!