Friday, February 6, 2015


Us girls can spend anywhere between $10 and $30 on a manicure so occasionally it's a good idea to skip your weekly mani and do it yourself from home.

Sure it's a little more effort on your part but think about the fact that you can buy a couple of brand new nail polishes for the same amount you would have spent at the salon.
Prep The Nail
Just like when you paint a wall, you need to prep your nail for when the actual colour goes down. I like to start off by buffing my nails using a manicure block, they generally have four sides with different surfaces. I also like taking a manicure stick and pushing down my cuticles as well as around the edges.
Base Coat
This is an essential step because not only does it prevent your nail from being stained but it also creates a sticky surface that allows for your nail colour to stick more effectively. Using a base coat evens out any bumps on your nail and in general makes the colour application a lot smoother. To me a base coat is more important than a top coat so I definitely wouldn't skip on this step. I use the Manicare Base Coat Plus Strengthener and it does the job.
Top Coat
Seal it all in with a good top coat. With so many options on the market you can choose one depending on what look you are aiming for such as; matte, glossy, quick drying etc. If you aren't using a top coat for any of those particular finishes then slapping one on simply for the prolonging of your colour is enough for it to be worth the application. I am currently using the China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat which is much better as a shiny top coat than it is a fast drying product.
Quick Dry Drops
If you are anything like me then you do not have the patience to sit there for half an hour waiting for your nails to dry. So my holy grail manicure product is the OPI Drip Dry because after just a few drops, the very top layer of your nail polish is dry to the touch so you can gently do things. Just remember that your colour still isn't dry all the way through so don't be too rough with whatever you're doing. A cheaper option on the market is the Essence Quick Dry Drops for only a couple of dollars.
Nourish and Repair
Lastly you can use a cuticle oil to replenish the moisture that nail polish remover may have taken from your skin. It leaves your nails feeling smooth and nourished so you have that fresh from the salon feeling but from home. Manicare have the absolute best nail treatments and I would recommend checking out their Cuticle Therapy product.
Now you see how you can create a salon quality manicure for home, it's time to cancel that next nail appointment for money well saved.
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