Tuesday, March 17, 2015


From personal experience I have saved money numerous times by purchasing things on my shopping list from eBay. Often times it's not just cheaper by a couple of dollars but actually by quite a lot.

I have been able to buy everyday things for $2 that would usually be $15 and makeup items for $1 when I would otherwise pay upwards of $15 for them. So keep reading to see how you can save money on the things you don't really want to spend much on.

Beauty Sponge ($1.50)
You can spend $15 upwards on the much hyped beauty blender but when put side by side this beauty sponge from eBay for a couple of dollars, it's hard to tell which is which. They are a slightly different material but other than that I would say it is a really decent dupe and that it is worth giving the eBay one a go before you invest in a beauty blender because if the cheaper one works for you then you could end up saving a fair amount of money.
You can purchase this product here.

Gel Shoe Insoles ($2.89)
I have spent so much money on these in the past, dropping more than $10 on each pair of gel insoles for my not so comfortable heels. I thought, there must be a cheaper way because I can't comprehend how some pieces of gel are worth over $5 each. eBay saves the day once again with the same product but at a fraction of the in-store  price. Needless to say, I have stocked up on these babies to ensure my feet are never left neglected once again.
You can purchase this product here.

Black Gel Eyeliner ($1)
I am not even exaggerating when I say that this is the best gel eyeliner I have ever tried. I have gone through numerous tubs of both high end and drugstore gel liners and I have not once found one I love more than this, which is crazy considering it's just $1 and from eBay of all places. It is incredibly creamy and smooth so it glides on effortlessly and creates the most perfect wing.
You can purchase this product here.

Bra Extender ($1.50)
This is a product similar to the gel shoe insoles where they will cost you about $10 each in store. I have a bag habit of buying really expensive bras without trying them on and assuming I know my size when we all know that sizing varies brand to brand. Not to mention sometimes low quality bras will shrink after a few washes and instead of throwing them away you can just buy a bra extender. At just $1.50, you will have comfortable fitting bras at an affordable price. You can purchase this product here.

That's all for this post of eBay beauty and fashion bargains but I have a few products on their way to me that you might hear about if I am impressed with their quality. So keep eBay in mind the next time you're looking for these particular items or maybe just items in general you think might be cheaper on there than in store.

Thanks for reading!