Friday, March 20, 2015


I'm the kind of girl who doesn't like to spend a lot on fashion, particularly trend pieces that I know will go out of style faster than you can say fashion police.

For pieces that aren't basics that you know you can wear for years to come, it's best to turn to the cheaper fashion stores because although the quality will be lower it won't matter since you only require them for that season.  In this post I am sharing five stores I love to shop from for clothing.

Forever 21
With the first ever store of this iconic American fashion outlet opening in Brisbane, we now have access to affordable and on trend pieces. These prices rival all others and you are able to find fashionable pieces from a variety of styles; bohemian, rocker, classic, cute etc. I wrote up an entire blog post when the store opened back in late October so you can read all about the launch and some clothing items I picked up here.
This is one of those accessible shops that you will find in most cities and have casual and cute clothing pieces for under $30. I purchase so many summer dresses and basic shirts from here and you can always put together a cute outfit for not much money.
With slightly more expensive prices than the prior three, I know I can rely on this place for up to date pieces that are great quality, on trend colours with a great selection of styles and patterns. I don't mind spending a bit extra on pieces from here because sometimes they offer designs or colours you can find elsewhere.
I have only recently started shopping here but I find that they come across as a very up-to-date store with really nice basics and neutral colours, similar to Bardot and Dotti but the pricing is much lower than what you would pay at those other two stores.
Forever New
Not to be confused with Forever 21, this is the mecca for any girly girl. The entire store is filled with pastels and florals as far as the eye can see with garnishing's of bling jewellery and cutesy purses everywhere. With similar pricing to Bardot, you will pay a little bit more here but the quality is well worth the price. If you are looking for a wedding guest appropriate dress, cocktail gown or everyday white basics or pastel peplums then this is your idea of heaven.
Thanks for reading!