Thursday, March 19, 2015


Beauty on a budget doesn't mean you have to miss out, you just have to know these makeup hacks to make your products last longer and be savvy when it comes to buying

These 10 tips are sure to save you from unnecessary buying as well as save you money.

Back to MAC
I know a few girls who aren't aware that you can score yourself a free lipstick when you recycle 6 empty MAC products. Simply return your empties to a MAC counter and they have about 25 lipstick colours you can choose from now but you used to be able to choose any.

Buy dupes of high end products
To save heaps of cash buy drugstore dupes of higher end products. Often times you can find a lipstick of a similar shade and quality that is a fraction of the price of a MAC or NARS lippie. Here is an example of a MAC dupe and here is an example of an OPI dupe. There are cheaper alternatives to most products so looking around the drugstore can really save you some money.

Use every last drop
Save a clumpy mascara by immersing the tube in hot water or adding a few drops of saline to the mixture.

Makeup remover alternative
Skip the expensive makeup remover and use olive oil instead. It's a household item that is just as effective and much cheaper than a branded remover that comes with much less product for the price.

Brush cleaner alternative
Swap your branded brush cleaner for baby shampoo and save heaps. High end removers can cost more than $40 whereas baby shampoo is only about $8 for a whole litre of the stuff.

Reuse mascara wands
Reuse old brushes from expensive high end mascaras to use for drugstore cheaper tubes to achieve a similar look for less.

Brushes over sponges
Apply foundation with a brush not sponge to save on product. This is because sponges soak up product therefore your foundation goes the extra mile when used with a brush instead.

Wait for sales
Most products are bound to go on sale at some point during the year, even if it is just Boxing Day or end of financial year clearance. Priceline is constantly having sales on drugstore makeup while Kmart and Target often have discounts too.

Cut open products
In order to get every last drop out of your nearly finished products, cut them open and scoop out the remaining product.

Repair broken products
Use rubbing alcohol to repair smashed eyeshadows or face powders. Use cotton pads and cotton balls inside of your compacts when travelling to prevent breakage in the first place.

Those have been my top ten money saving makeup hacks and hopefully they help you out to cut down on your beauty expenses.

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