Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Festivals can be about letting loose and embracing your inner hippy so for this fashion look I have put together a bohemian themed outfit.

Since boho style is so on trend currently, all of these pieces are easily accessible from shops you most likely already frequent. Since this is for the city girl only going boho for a day type thing, this is the perfect transition outfit that is wearable so you will be able to continue getting use out of each of these items and they aren't solely reserved for festivals.

Forever New Sam Embellished Lace Shell ($69.99)
The lace overlay adds an element of femineity to the outfit and the white keeps it fresh allowing the other pieces to make the biggest statement. You can purchase this item here.

Bardot Khloe Rip Short ($50)
Shorts are a go-to for festivals because there is no way you can get away with wearing a skirt if you will be jumping around. I always look around for a pair of shorts that stands out to me and this time I chose a pair from Bardot that fit the light theme but are still a structured and flattering shape. These acid wash denim shorts are on sale currently and definitely worth the $50 since Bardot clothes are incredibly quality. You can purchase this item here.

Wittner Loya ($139.95)
A simple sandal is essential for a festival to stay cute and comfortable. If you want to invest in a really great pair that you will get lots of use out of then I would recommend this Lova style. You can purchase this item here. However, if it is raining for the festival you are attending, it might be a better idea to purchase a more affordable pair, such as these $24.98 pair from Bardot that you can purchase here.

Dotti Femme Felt Fedora ($29.95)
Adding a chic hat is definitely a personal preference but I think it adds something extra to the outfit and if there's ever a more appropriate time to test drive a fedora then this is it. You can purchase this item here. Alternatively you could swap the hat for a boho head chain and it would be a great accessory.

Dotti Embroidery Hippy Bag ($29.95)
At festivals you don't want anything too big or bulky because you really don't need to carry that much with you. Not to mention, it is definitely a hassle dragging a huge bag through the crowds of a festival. You can purchase this item here.

Forever New Zena Mixed Bangle Set ($22.99)
To add dimension to the outfit you can't go wrong with layering bangles and bracelets, I love this set from Forever New because they have a light boho vibe but at the same time have an element of femininity. You can purchase this item here.

Forever New Erica Sleek Ring Set ($22.99)
Also following the same theme as the arm candy, this ring set is perfect to mix and match, layering your favourite combinations. You can purchase this item here.

That is an insight into my bohemian inspired festival look, I love keeping it light and airy with neutral colours but playing around more with textures and accessories.

Thanks for reading!