Monday, April 20, 2015


This weekend I attended the Pro Makeup and Beauty Show, basically a massive room absolutely full of makeup and beauty goodies with eyeshadow and lipstick in every direction you turn.

It's a Brisbane based event similar to the world resound IMATS, however smaller. Big brands like Inglot and Crown Brushes attend as well as a fab amount of smaller brands that always surprise me with their incredible and unique products.
I had to hold back the squeals when I saw the Inglot stand because there in all it's colourful glory were eyeshadows, pigments and lipsticks as far as the eye could see. A range in particular that caught my interest was the Star Dust collection with stunning pastel hues (pictured below). Offering 30% off, it was a colour lovers dream come true and time to stock up on some wish list items.
This stall was one of my favourites because the bright colours and intense pigmentation made me fall in love with the brand. It was launched in 2006 and prides itself on high quality, natural mineral makeup. The pigments are insanely bright and the colour payoff is phenomenal. The beautiful model (pictured below) wore the makeup beautifully, mixing 2 lipstick shades for the perfect colour and all round looking flawless.
This was my first time hearing about this brand but WOW the eyeshadows on offer are incredibly beautiful, especially the baked mineralised range. Some of the shades were so amazing that you can't help but just stare and appreciate their beauty!
This brand loved by makeup artists offer affordable brushes and a huge range of makeup, including eyeliners and lip pencils. The main attraction though is definitely the brushes considering there are just so many to choose from, you are bound to find whatever it is you're looking for.
This is a brand that has featured here on JBS for their incredible eyeliners, of which are my favourite since the coloured options are the most vibrant I have ever come across. The whole vibe of this brand is extremely luxe and the exception quality makes for products worth raving about.
The product that intrigued me most about this brand was their mosaic powders with blush, bronzer and highlighting options. They also have a great selection of eyeshadows that you can mix and match, similar to the Inglot Freedom System.
 SILK Oil of Morrocco
This is a brand that you will be hearing about soon with some upcoming posts but basically Silk are a brand of hair care products that have expanded into makeup. What makes them unique is that they include morroccan oil in all of their products so the consistency is smooth and buttery as you could imagine.
As you can imagine, I had the best time surrounded by all of this gorgeous makeup, with a new and interesting product at each stall! I'm definitely loving these sorts of events happening in Brisbane because it makes for a fun weekend activity rather than having to travel interstate for a few days.
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