Friday, April 17, 2015


With the CasualCurl, one of my favourite looks to achieve are these wearable soft curls for everyday salon quality hair without leaving the house.

This style adds texture and volume to my hair and leaves me looking like I just stepped out of a "round brush blow dry" at the salon with bouncy voluminous curls.

See how I created this look with the pictorial below.

The curlers that I'm going to be using today are a mixture between the two sizes available, the 3cm and 4cm. So I would recommend the Mixed Four Pack for best results (you can purchase it here).
I'm starting out with my naturally flat and straight hair so because this product works for me, I predict it will work for everyone! All I do is quickly brush through my hair then get started rolling.
I place the CasualCurl at the tip of my hair and begin rolling inwards but away from my face, that way the curls are facing outwards rather than into my face. I first place a 3cm CasualCurl at the front of my head since I want a defined curl for my fringe so I can pin back so it will blend in with the back ones.
Next I take a 4cm and place that in the bottom section of my hair for a soft loose curl and I'm rolling them up to the top but not to the root because I want this to be a very soft loose look. However, if you want more body at the crown then rolling to the top would be your best bet. Then it's time to get these curlers heated up. 
Simply take your blow dryer and insert it into the end of the CasualCurl, turn up your settings on hot with medium/high force. Allow them to heat up for about 30 seconds, sometimes a bit less if you don't have as much hair rolled up. Then I like to leave them in which I do the other side so that they have time to cool down and set. As you can tell, there is definitely not much heat being applied to your hair, especially compared to a searing hot straightener making direct contact, so it's a much healthier curling option on your hair. 
So it's time to roll up the other side and I'm doing something a little bit different this time. I'm using all 3cm curlers so that there are more tight curls on my left side. This is because I'm planning on pinning back my fringe on the right side and will need an extra curl on the left to balance it all out. This is just as example of the versatility with these rollers and an indication of how many looks there are to create. 
Now I do the same with this left side, heating them up for about 30 seconds then leaving them to cool while I begin taking out the right side of my hair. 

 Now comes the really fun part! It's time to take out your curls and see the beautiful spiral look the CasualCurl has created! I like to unroll them then twist the curl around my finger and hairspray it so that it stays defined and doesn't drop as much. As you can tell from the above photo, the curls come out extremely defined and beautiful so they are very versatile depending on whatever look you're going for. I decided to brush them out with my fingers a bit to break them up and turn them into more of the "just round brush blow dried" look. If you want seriously spiral bouncy curls, you could take each curl and pin them on your head with a bobby pin then spray them and leave them for another 5 minutes.
This is the finished look and a style I like to wear often! It looks like I put so much more effort into my hair rather than just straightening it but it only took about 15 minutes for the entire process, start to finish.
CasualCurl is a quick and simple way of achieving salon quality curls at an affordable price and I couldn't recommend it more! At least a couple of these are an absolute staple for any bathroom because they are a much easier way of creating any look from soft curls to bouncy spirals.

Visit their website here and browse their store here.
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Thanks for reading!