Monday, April 6, 2015


Since the 1800s, women have used some sort of blush to enhance their complexion and appear more radiant; we have come a long way since crushing berries onto your cheeks though.

I have gathered three products, each completely different formulas from the next so we have you covered whether you’re looking for cream, liquid or powder.

Benefit BeneTint
A product initially designed for giving colour to, ahem, lady parts (the more you know) has become a staple product in makeup addicts collections. This amazing two-in-one is a serious pocket rocket, tiny in size but extremely potent and a little goes a very long way. A very versatile product that can be used on both your cheeks and lips as a rosy tinted blush (which is what we are going to be focussing on) or a "berry kissed" lip stain. If you have been looking for an extremely natural and lightweight product that gives you colour without caking your face then this is 100% a product for you.

The product retails for $55 and is available from Benefit counters often found in Myer, David Jones and now Sephora in Sydney.

Chanel Blush
This is a brand that has originated from products designed for everyday wear, resulting in an amazing subtle blush formulation. This type of product is appropriate for any natural look or the perfect choice for a full face of makeup where the focus is not on the blush. A variety of colours are available with all of the usual suspects such as nude, pinks and reds but with the occasional odd shade like a purple. For me, I invested in the shade 64 Pink Explosion and it is the perfect everyday colour that you can't go wrong with and matches most looks.

These blushes are a whopping $71...eeek! However, it is easy to justify the price if you find a colour you love and know you will use every single day. Available from department stores including David Jones and Myer.

MAC “Ladyblush” Cremeblend Blush
Let me set the scene for you; it’s Summer time and you are heading out on a hot 34 degree day. Do you cake your face with powder blush to conceal the shine or opt for a cream sheen to embrace a dewy look? The benefit of this cream blush is an easily blendable formulation that soaks into the skin with ease, leaving a beautiful glossy finish on the skin. I particularly recommend the shade Ladyblush since it is the perfect everyday natural rose colour that suits any makeup look.

These blushes retail for $41 and are available from MAC counters within Myer and David Jones.

So the verdict; if you're an easy breezy natural girl then go for BeneTint but if you wear blush everyday and want a quick natural colour, go for Chanel. MAC cremeblend blushes aren't even a question, every girl should own at least one; perfect for moisturising in the winter and seamlessly blending in the Summer.

Thanks for reading!