Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Some days I go without it but with so many benefits, concealer really is a crucial part in a full makeup routine and we have you covered (literally) for every occasion.

Whether it’s covering blemishes or applying a killer under eye highlight, after all my years of testing and trying trash bin full amounts, these are the three favourites that stand out from all the rest.

MAC Studio Sculpt
A blemishes best friend
What better way to start than with my holy grail of all concealers, the incredible pot of product that makes blemishes disappear in a quick swipe. This thick concealer seamlessly blends into your foundation while covering the desired problem area. Nothing else I have come across looks this natural over the top of acne, pigmentation, dark spots or anything else you are wishing to conceal. Now I’m not too sure about the access level of these because personally I can’t find them at my local MAC but I still see international girls buying them so I suppose check your local counter and see if you can get your hands on it. Otherwise a few online boutiques that specialise in high end stock this item in limited colours. This is the only concealer that I purchase in my actual skin colour since I want it to subtly conceal, but for all the under eye concealers I tend to go a few shades lighter.

Benefit Fake Up
The hydrating concealer
If you have dry skin then this is an absolute god send for you, a concealer and moisturiser all in one…yes please. The concealer section is amazing in its own right but the hydrating balm that encases the product is what really turns it into an absolute winter essential. Keeping your under eyes hydrated in the cooler weather is essential so that the area doesn’t become dry and flaky. This concealer has a glossy finish which is perfect for a natural look otherwise you might want to go over it with a pressed foundation or blotting powder. This product retails for $35 and Benefit is available from their counters in David Jones and Myer.

Maybelline SuperStay
Nothing better for under-eye highlights
If ever there has been an under eye highlighting product, this is it. Forget about the Instant Age Rewind because SuperStay is definitely the way to go. The range includes a variety of very light shades, each with different undertones, so that there is a perfect colour for everyone. The soft and liquid consistency of the product makes it perfect for triangle highlighting since it’s easily blended. At the same time though it is extremely high coverage, resulting in a bold under eye highlight, perfect for those nights out when you want a full face of makeup. There are a few shades that will do the trick, depending on your skin tone, but I find that a couple of shades lighter than your foundation really brightens up the under eye area. This product retails for $15 full price, but often you can catch it on sale, and is available from chemists and stores like Kmart, Target and Big W.

While each of these three products are all fabulous within their own right, some are better than other depending on your needs and what you are looking to use them for. If it’s covering targeted sections on your face then MAC Studio Sculpt is perfect for you and the only concealer I have found that seamlessly covers acne without being obvious. As for under eye highlighting, Benefit Fake Up is ideal for those with dry skin who want a natural finish and Maybelline SuperStay is for those with oily skin who want a bold and dramatic look.

Thanks for reading!