Friday, May 1, 2015


I have changed up a lot of products in my routine this month so am excited to tell you about all of these new items I have been loving!

Read on to find out more about each item or watch the video here.

Mary Kay "Fresh Linen" Perfume
It's not often I switch up my perfumes since I have about 5 that I love and alternative between but this scent is amazing. It's the perfect mixture of subtle but still noticeable. The scent can best be described as "clean and crisp" so it makes for perfect everyday wear.
Eye of Horus and The Balm What's Your Type Mascaras
What's this? TWO new favourite mascaras, April was a great month for lashes with me falling in love with both these great products. They have been saving me from having to apply fake lashes since the results from just these mascaras is amazing. It evenly coats each lash, has a super black formulation, lengthens and gives volume.
Vanity Planet Spa System
Before this system, I thought I removed all of my makeup but you would be surprised how orange the cleansing head turns even after "removing" all my makeup. It's just too easy for foundation to get stuck in your pores and I can't imagine not having this product as part of my everyday skincare routine. Just note that your skin will go through a purge stage and get worse before it gets better so try to start using this when you don't have any big events planned that you want clear skin for. Read my review here.

I have also made sure to get you guys a great deal if you are interested in purchasing this product from Vanity Planet. Use code JORDY4VP to get $20 off (so you pay only $59.99) and free US shipping (sorry I couldn't get free Aussie shipping).
NUXE Reve de Miel Balm
I never thought I could love a lip balm as much as I love this one! It's incredibly thick and creamy but sinks into the skin effortlessly so it moisturises in an instant and doesn't leave a residue on the lips. The packaging is adorable too so it encourages you to sit it on your desk and have it on hand at all times to keep your pout smooth and soft.
BOE Professional BB Cream / Palmer's CC Cream
Lately I have been ditching my heavy foundations and opting for lighter alternatives such as BB and CC creams. I have found my perfect combination is a mix of these two products because together they make the perfect consistency, colouring and finish. So I would recommend these products by themselves or even paired together.
Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette
Similar to the Urban Decay Shadow Box, this eyeshadow palette has a great mix of everything in it. It contains colours and nudes, shimmers and mattes as well as pretty much everything in between. This makes it a great palette for everyday use since there are so many possibilities and it's versatile so will suit any occasion.
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