Thursday, April 30, 2015


It's the perfect time to start sporting Autumn/Winter shades on the lips and Shanghai Suzy has just the collection to get you started with a selection of 8 shades to choose from.

This Melbourne based lipstick company specialises in creating collection based colours that are affordable and of high quality. My favourite thing about them as a company is their dedication to individuality with unique shades on offer that you won't find elsewhere. They have the perfect mix of wearable everyday colours and fun creative shades to mix things up a little. Each lipstick complete with a bubblegum candy scent that is to die for, it's the little things okay.
This collection contains a mix of three different formulations; matte, nourish and the newly introduced shimmer finish.
You can't go past a good matte lipstick and Shanghai Suzy definitely deliver with the highly pigmented yet easy to apply and long lasting shades. Unlike some matte formulas, these will definitely not drag on the lips during application or leave them dry.
If you tend to look for creamy and hydrating formulas then any colours in the nourish line will be heavenly, soothing and covering even the most dry of lips.
If you don't mind a frosty finish then the shimmer options are definitely a great range to look into, especially if you are on the market for some unique and eye catching colours.   
L to R- Miss Kat 90's Cappuccino, Miss Tanielle Desert Rose, Miss Cassandra Peony, Miss Nina Sparkling Coral, Miss Victorine Classic Red, Miss Sanja Fuchsia, Mrs French Winter Maroon and Miss Veronica Sparkling Plum.
Miss Kat 90's Cappuccino is a warm toned nude and matte formulation but still has a creamy texture to it.
Miss Tanielle Desert Rose is another matte but significantly darker than the previous and with more of a dusty rose undertone. This would be the perfect nude on tanned skin or a great deep pink on fair skin, making it a versatile colour that you can't go wrong with.
Miss Cassandra Peony is a medium dusty pink with a beautiful nourish formula so it leaves a lovely creamy finish on the lips.
Miss Nina Sparkling Coral is the first of the shimmer formula we have come across so far and it's quite interesting since it has a pearl finish throughout it and a frosty finish on the lips. Don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds and is definitely wearable because the shade is more of a burnt orange than fluorescent otherwise yes, it would definitely be too overwhelming.
Miss Victorine Classic Red is a colour where you hear angels singing "hallelujahs" when you apply it because my goodness the formulation is so rich and creamy, providing a deep and vibrant red on the lips. I can not rave about this one enough - you just must get your hands on it.   
Miss Sanja Fuchsia is a stunning vibrant pink with a violet undertone and the matte formulation makes it a complete winner in my eyes. I love my bold and vibrant shades to be matte since it gives the versatility of wearing it on it's own for a bold pop of colour or with a gloss over the top for a chic finish.
Mrs French Winter Maroon is a deep wine that I am totally in love with. An Autumn/Winter collection would not be complete without one of these deep dark berries and Shanghai Suzy has totally delivered. It's matte formulation makes it bold and versatile.
Miss Veronica Sparkling Plum is the second shimmer formulation and when looking at it in the tube, I can't help but of the stunning ruby shoes that Dorothy was wearing in Wizard of Oz. It is a deep wine with stunning red reflects throughout but when swatched comes off as a much more wearable deep berry with a gel finish.
These lipsticks retail for $12.95 each and you can purchase them here.
Alternatively, you can purchase the entire Winter wardrobe of all 8 lipsticks for $65, equalling just over $8 each so a fabulous discount if you are interested in a lot of these colours. Another deal is to buy 3 and get one free, perfect if you're after about half the range or want to mix and match with other collections.
I can not recommend these stunning lipsticks enough, with my ultimate recommendations being Miss Cassandra Peony, Miss Victorine Classic Red and Mrs French Winter Maroon.
Thanks for reading!