Thursday, May 14, 2015


We often talk about skincare and makeup in terms of beauty but this time we are stopping to think about certain foods that can make us beautiful from the inside out.

Some of you may not know but I am a huge health and fitness nut and usually I would post these types of articles over on but I felt like this one related to beauty and it was worth sharing on here.

Dark Chocolate
For hydrated skin and a nourished complexion.
This delicious treat has the ability to make your skin smoother and more hydrated. The antioxidants within it improve circulation, increasing blood flow to the face and therefore firming and hydrating the skin for a radiant glow.  
This is the most interesting one to me and it is to banish garlic breath by including parsley in any garlic heavy dish since the parsley will counteract the garlic. This trick is best used when both ingredients are eaten at the same time for best neutralizing results.
This magical fruit is incredible for all of it's health properties including; detoxifying, liver cleansing and digestion. But we're here to talk about the beauty aspects so the main benefit of lemon is it's antibacterial properties that rid the body of bacteria, perfect for acne and clearing your skin. It also strengthens your immune system, preventing sickness (which wreaks havoc on your skin and body regarding beauty). For glowing and radiant skin mix it into guacamole, tea, water or use it as a salad dressing.
My absolute favourite food, I love this stuff so much! Not only does it taste amazing and can be added to so many recipes, it's a great source of rich healthy oils and fats that nourish your skin, hair and nails. Improve the health and shine of your hair by putting this yummy ingredient directly into your body and letting it work it's magic from the inside out. Otherwise there are some avocado oil hair products on the market too.
As someone with a plant based diet, there has to be some sort of replacement for meat and dairy so soy is my go-to for a meaty substitute. As we get older, our body lessens our levels of skin-firming collagens, but soy actually slows down this process and helps preserve these collagens. Thus preventing wrinkles, leaving the skin plump and radiant with elasticity and bounce.
This amazing salad booster has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling, especially if you feel like you are retaining water or puffy eyes. It's relaxing, cooling, calming and hydrating so definitely worth including in your salads.
Dairy is something I cut out over a year ago and have never looked back since my skin has become clearer and healthier.
Salt makes your body retain water so you may feel puffy. Not to mention, it is quite dehydrating to the body in large amounts and we all know how crucial hydration is to skin health.
So why not try incorporating these foods into your diet, if they aren't something you eat often anyway, and see how they work for you.
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