Wednesday, May 13, 2015


If you are on the market for a luxurious and effective skincare range then look no further. Elemis is the best of British skincare and if you're willing to spend up big on the products, the results are well worth it.

This post is taking a look at four of the most popular products from Elelmis; their Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash and Papaya Enzyme Peel. While I love a good skincare bargain from the drugstore, sometimes I dabble in high end products to see what the fuss is about. With price points ranging between $65 and $280, there's many options available depending on how much you want to spend on your skincare.

Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules ($185)
Pure Moringa Oil is the basis of this product, contained in each of the tiny little capsules and boasts skin transforming benefits. Moringa Oil has the ability to renew skin elasticity and youthfulness as well as repair signs of ageing. My favourite part of this product though is it's ability to counteract the effects of pollution, so common for us city girls, by sweeping clean your network of skin cells and ridding of harmful toxins. It's easy to justify the price with 60 capsules costing just over $180, making each treatment around just $3 or so. Read more here.

Tri- Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash ($65)
This product is a daily facial wash that aims to stimulate the natural cell renewal cycle in your skin. It smooths and refines while brightening the complexion by removing dead skin cells. The skin resurfaces as a result, regenerating a soft and more supple texture. This product is priced at $65 for 200ml, which is quite reasonable considering the effectiveness and results. It's not just your typical face wash that gently cleanses the skin, this one actively works to regenerate better skin so as the days go on, you will see the benefits. Read more here.
Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream ($280)
This product is in it's 25th year currently and for good reason. It's aim is to refuce the appearance of wrinkle depth by up to 78% (that's pretty crazy) and of course increase hydration and moisturise but up to 45% is pretty astonishing. It is a powerful lifting anti-aging cream that works through increased collagen support. The outlay on this product stings, just shy of $300, so it really is tough deciding whether it's worth the splurge. But if you have been looking for a revolutionary skincare item and you are searching for a change that will shake up your routine, this might be it. Read more here.

Papaya Enzyme Peel ($70)
Now these types of products are not my cup of tea, primarily because the idea of peels makes my shudder. However, this product is beautiful with the use of papaya and pineapple as natural fruit enzymes that clarify your complexion. It's a rinse off, so no peeling required and it is extremely nourishing with milk protein, vitamin E and marine algae. Leaving you skin moisturised, repairing and protected.

My favourites from the lot are the skin bliss capsules and collagen marine cream but I can much easily justify the price of the capsules while I struggle to splash out $280 on the marine cream. The best thing you could probably do is try out a salon where they use Elemis, that was you can be pampered with them and ask lots of questions to understand the products best for you.

Thanks for reading!