Wednesday, May 27, 2015



I am all about those natural lashes that dramatize length and volume but still leave you questioning if I'm wearing falsies or if I was just blessed with naturally stunning lashes.

The answer of course is no, I was definitely not given much to work with in the eyelash department so for me, it's just fun to play around with luxe lashes for everyday wear...introducing K Luxe Lashes.  

Now don't get me wrong, K Luxe Lashes offer an array of styles and intensities all the way up to thick and plush Hollywood glamour. However, I am always interested in the eye catching natural ones that make a statement but don't overpower my look since I tend to go for a dark lip.
The three lash styles I have my hands on are; Chloe (right in the picture), Victoria (top left) and Rouline (bottom left).
Chloe ($32) is the most subtle of the three with a beautiful whispy look that has the style that peaks in the centre and tapers out at the ends. It is different from the other two styles in the way that the lash hairs are separated into sections of about ten hairs and have slight gaps at the root of the lash, adding a different texture and "piece-ey" look.
Victoria ($38) is my absolute favourite style and my go-to look from most lashes since I love the super wispy lash with a flirty cat eye flick in the outer corners. They are very fluffy and plush, being more sparse in the inner corners and filling out at the ends. This is a must have for any girls who love Hollywood glamour lashes and soft sleepy eye looks.
Rouline ($32) is the shortest in length but the boldest in thickness of all the three due to their criss-crossed design. These make a statement with eye catching black lashes that peak in the centre and tapers out at the ends.
When K Luxe Lashes have their slogan as "let your eyes speak a thousand words" they aren't kidding, as you can tell from my in-depth descriptions of each of these unique styles.
Each of these lashes have a medium thickness black band that blends in seamlessly with a winged liner or adds definition to a bare eye.
These lashes boast up to 25 uses which is a whole lot of bang for your buck if you ask me and with 16 styles to choose from, they are the perfect finish to any look.
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