Tuesday, June 30, 2015



After a crazy weekend of work and fun, the Sunday night we definitely needed a quiet evening. So Sammy and I opted for a scenic yet peaceful dinner along the Darling Harbour.

The Harbour itself has this beautiful serenity to it, dazzling you with the light reflections of Sydney's sky scrapers. However, the surrounding area is full of life with bars, restaurants and even chocolate cafe's lining the strip. It reminds me a lot of "South Bank" in Brisbane since they also had a few activities like ice skating and of course, the Ferris Wheel.

We decided on Hard Rock CafĂ© for a cheeky cocktail and some cheat meals which quickly took a turn for the worst (for our waistlines anyway) when Sammy's nachos were half the size of her and the veggie burger I ordered was massive. Needless to say we didn't even clear a third of our meals.

Our cocktails were absolutely delicious though, I went for a sweet and fruity "Sex on The Beach" topped with my maraschino cherry while Sammy decided on the Strawberry Frozen Margarita complete with a fresh strawberry.  We had a beautiful view of the harbour from our table since the restaurant is upstairs, the prime position for overlooking everything.
We then headed back to the beautiful hotel and watched some movies to re-coup in preparation of the shopping and sight seeing day we had planned for the following morning.

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