Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I spent this weekend just gone in Sydney for work and play. So on the Saturday morning, after a stressful Friday of travel and helping set up for the beauty event I was guest speaking at with BOE Beauty, the first thing on the agenda was a beautiful breakfast!

We were staying in Manly for the first two nights since that is where Glamour Affair was being hosted, so luckily we had beachside cafes lining the entire strip and lots of options to choose from. We decided on Sugar Lounge, a short walk from the Novotel which is where we stayed for our time in Manly.
We started off with a fresh juice, myself going for the kale, spinach, apple and mint option and Sammy opting for the pineapple juice. What a perfect way to start the morning, sipping on a delicious and healthy juice while overlooking the relaxed Manly beach on a busy Saturday morning. The view from our table provided instant relaxation, allowing us to take a moment to breathe before the busy day ahead with the event.
For breakfast we both selected the sourdough bread with smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, goats cheese, spinach and a balsamic glaze. Anything dairy is not normally part of my diet but I made an exception due to being on holidays. Despite how delicious this meal was, I could only finish half so good thing I didn't add those hash browns like I was tempted too (although look at how yummy the ones on Sammy's plate look).
What a beautiful place to wake up to and wonderful breakfast to follow in Manly before Glamour Affair. All thanks to the amazing Big W exclusive brand, BOE Beauty/Professional so go give them a like on Facebook here.
Keep an eye out for more scenic views and mouth watering food from my long weekend away in Sydney with BOE Beauty/Professional. Such posts will be mixed into my content in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I hope you have enjoyed this slight change of pace for a more lifestyle related post.
Thanks for reading!