Friday, June 26, 2015


Despite being in Sydney primarily for work, when the idea of heading over to the Opera Bar for lunch was put forward I could not resist knowing what the view would be like.

When in Sydney, why not go and check out two of the most iconic landmarks of the city conveniently located right next to each other, while digging in to some delicious gourmet food.
With quite a concise menu, there were about two to three vegetarian options and I chose the mint and broad bean risotto. Not only because it sounded absolutely amazing but also because I am too lazy to make risotto myself and thought I would take advantage of the opportunity to have it. Let's just say that it most definitely did not disappoint and was actually the best meal of the entire trip.

I also ordered a wine which I later regretted since my stomach does not do well with lunchtime alcohol, I can only drink from the afternoon onwards for some odd reason. But I did not let that affect the rest of my day and instead went on a stroll through the city afterwards.

It was the perfect day for it considering the previous few days had been freezing and pouring down. The sunshine came out just at the right time for us to enjoy a beautiful lunch.
I will definitely be back to the Opera Bar next time I'm in Sydney, maybe even for dinner to see Luna Park, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House all lit up.
Thanks for reading!