Thursday, June 25, 2015


Let's get real- sometimes neutrals become monotonous and just plain boring so when you want some colour that is going to excite your creativity, these are great options.

I always keep a little palette of loose pan shadows that pack a punch of colour, that way I don't have to dig through palettes but can easily blend in a bit of a unique shade into an everyday eye look.

All but two of these shades are from the OFRA Diamonds Are Forever Eye Shadow Palette that I would highly recommend since it also includes a large selection of neutral shades for everyday wear. These pops of colour are a great addition to any eyeshadow collection especially because of how unique they are; a shimmery sky blue, mossy olive green, frosty fuchsia and deep demi-matte lilac.

The middle colour on the top row is MAC Climate Blue, a deep and complex lagoon blue. It's a velvet formulation so buttery in texture while the pigmentation is buildable. I love using this in a grey toned smoky eye because it adds depth while still being dark.

The first colour on the bottom row is MAC Floral Fantasy, a satin formulation that reminds me a lot of Stars and Rockets eyeshadow by MAC. This purple compliments a light gold look, adding a pop of light colour without overpowering the softness.

If you are looking to shake things up from your usual golden hues and brown shades, these are great pops of colour to incorporate into everyday looks.

Thanks for reading!