Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Primers can either make or break the base of your face makeup and although I've been let down on many occasions with subpar results, I have definitely come across some favourites through trialling and test a lot of what's available on the market.

In this post we have a good mix of eye primers and face primers as well as a selection from affordable brands and higher end.

MaxFactorX Face Finity Primer ($31.95)
This one is not pictured (I can't believe I forgot about it when taking the photo) but it's only evidence of how often I use it since it was hidden away in my daily makeup bag. This is my current favourite face primer because it boasts everything I look for; extends the wear of foundation, added SPF 20, hydrating but not oily and it leaves a slippery silicone feel without being tightening on the skin. Available from Priceline in a 30ml bottle.
Face of Australis HD Primer ($13.95)
Oily skin girls rejoice- this oil free primer is hydrating without worsening the oil situation. It provides the perfect base for foundation since the product will just glide over and slippery surface, saving on product that would otherwise just sink right into your skin. Available from Priceline in a 40ml tube.
Mary Kay Oil Mattifier ($25)
When I had oily skin, this was my absolute holy grail product because it completely mattified my face despite how oily I was. I still purchase it out of habit because I do find it useful on hot Summer days when I want to feel cool to the touch. If you have oily skin, get onto this right away. Available from Mary Kay in a 17ml tube.
Inika Truly Organic Pure Primer ($50)
This one has a very strong lemon and orange peel scent and requires a fair amount of blending but once applied, is magical. It leaves your face buttery smooth like velvet and foundation glides on with ease. I am yet to test it for lasting abilities but for an 8 hour wear it does hold up. Avaliable from Inika in a 50ml bottle.
Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer (15.95)
It's super lightweight, seamlessly blends into your skin and leaves a beautiful silicone slippery feeling on the face. Not to mention it's jelly consistency is so fun! Available from Priceline in a 7ml tube.
Urban Decay Primer Potion ($34)
Moving onto the eye primer and first up we have the cult classic Urban Decay Primer Potion with a twist. This is the anti-aging formula so to my knowledge it is slightly more slippery and easier to blend out. It comes in a squeeze tube so you dispense as much product as you need which I find more effective than the doe foot application version. Available from Mecca in a 11ml tube.
The Balm Put A Lid On It Primer ($18)
This is quite comparable to the Primer Potion since it has the same light and slippery formulation, creating a thin layer that helps shadows stick much more effectively. I would say it's the perfect cheaper alternative. Available from David Jones in a 11.8ml tube.
Honourable mentions go to Hourglass Veil Primer and Benefit PoreFessional, both primers that are great in their own right but don't work particularly well with my skin.
Thanks for reading!