Friday, June 12, 2015


It can become a little confusing when the lines are blurred between what is a makeup setting spray and what is a mist, so I'm here to explain the difference to make sure you get best results from your products.

Once your makeup is complete, the best thing to finish it off is definitely a setting spray that's going to set your look and make sure it stays in place all day. With that in mind, a thermal water or gel mist is great for freshening up a makeup look and hydrating the skin. There's a time and place for both so let's get into the five products I have here to discuss.
Mary Kay Skindinavia ($18)
I was beyond excited when I saw two of my favourite brands come together to create a setting spray, Mary Kay and the much trusted Skindinavia. If I was to recommend one setting spray brand then Skindinavia would definitely be it since I have found my best results come from products they create. This is the ultimate setting spray, locking your makeup in place all day. See here for more information.
Skin79 Kick It Side Spider Mist ($8.80-$15.80)
This is another product that has properties that prolong the wear of makeup. It helps to both hydrate and then set the makeup in place. This is a much more wet formulation than the Sindinavia which is more dry but that makes the Skin79 product perfect for dry skin types. See here for more information.
La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water ($9.99)
One of the most adored French skincare brands so you would expect nothing less than amazing from a La Roche-Posay product. Despite the affordable price, this spray is superior in quality providing a very fine mist that freshens makeup and hydrates the skin. I love to use this product by spraying my makeup brushes with it before I apply products such as foundation and concealer. This method helps to achieve a dewy and glowy look while also making the product glide on the skin. See here for more information.

Recipe Spray Essence Water
This is quite a similar product to the Skin79 one regarding formulation and packaging but this product is best left for freshening up the skin rather than setting makeup. I received this product in a Meme Box but you can most likely find it in Asian cosmetic stores.
Too Cool For School Gel Mist ($10.31)
I love how unique this product is in comparison to other mists since the formulation is much less like a water and more like a thick gel. It comes out much thicker than the other spray waters so is perfect for intense hydration or really refreshing a look in very hot climates. As the name suggests, I think this would also be perfect for school to just cool down your face and feel fresh again. See here for more information.
That is the low-down on setting sprays and face mists, I hope this gave you a bit more insight into each product since sometimes it can be hard to differentiate the two different products.
Thanks for reading!