Friday, June 19, 2015


We already know how much I love Shanghai Suzy but there is even more reason to love them now that they are expanding my horizons with these four daring lipstick shades.

This unique "gothic collection" tests the boundaries with four very crazy shades, each different from each other with three different formulations; matte, shimmer and sheer metallic formula).

Goldie (Sheer Metallic Formula)
This lipstick looks like they melted down pure gold and mixed it with golden yellow sparkles. It is absolutely stunning both in the tube as well as swatched and much more wearable than I first imagined. The perfect step up from a neutral? Maybe.
Dove (Matte Formula)
Just like I'm sure you have seen some girls pull off that beautiful grey hair, lipstick of a similar hue is making a comeback. This matte steel grey is extremely pigmented so if you want to go for the full force look, this is the lipstick for you. I am so excited to play around with this colour and see if I can pull it off, wish me luck.
Emerald (Shimmery Formula)
This lipstick may as well be the sparkly diamond it is named after because it is definitely just as beautiful. Looking at the tube is mesmerising and you best believe I'm going to find an occasion to wear this shade.
Midnight (Matte Formula)
So if you have been searching for a matte black then this is it. But seriously, at first the colour can seem a little daunting but I could definitely think of a few fun looks I could create with this.

Overall I think the collection is well thought out and all colours are complimentary of each other, making is a beautiful selection of four shades.

You can buy this whole collection for just $30, working out to be $7.50 a lipstick which is definitely a bargain for shades as unique as this. Visit the Shanghai Suzy website here.

Thanks for reading!