Tuesday, July 7, 2015


From the iconic products to the unique packaging, it's little wonder why Benefit have become such a raved about high end brand.

It was quite difficult for me to choose just my three favourites since I adore so many Benefit products and feel like I'm never disappointed by anything I try from them. So I thought about it in the way that whichever products I get the most use out of, to recommend to you. Since when you are investing in a high end product, you want it to be something you are going to use a fair bit to get your moneys worth.

They're Real Mascara ($38)
They're Real is one of the world's best selling mascaras and there is definitely a reason for it, the results are amazing! It really is a great mascara, the formulation is smooth and thick to coat every lash, it's a very pigmented black shade, the brush is large to cover a lot of area yet precise in where it applies and it of course provides thick and long lashes. You can purchase this product from Myer.
Hoola Bronzer ($51)
A matte bronzer is sure hard to find but Hoola has always been a go-to for those of us who don't like shimmer in our contour or those with oily skin who strive for a matte look in every product. It is adored by so many because it is versatile, being light enough for girls with pale skin and buildable for tan skin. In my opinion the price is very reasonable considering you will get years of use out of this product and you will use it every day. You can purchase this product from Myer.
Hervana Blush ($51)
There are so many blushes to choose from in Benefit so what makes this one better than the rest? Well because it's a mixture of four different colours, making it the most versatile of the bunch and a product with many uses. I like to mix the lighter colours together for a light peachy blush or the darker colours together for a deep mauve otherwise using just the very light colour makes for a perfect cheek bone highlight. You can purchase this product from Myer.

These are three products that you can get daily use out of and although they are pricey, they are definitely worth the coast.
Thanks for reading!