Wednesday, July 8, 2015


We are half way through with High End Week so in this post we are taking a look at a random selection of three brands, showcasing the absolute best product they offer (in my opinion of course).

We are going to be looking into Hourglass, YSL and Dior, three luxurious high end brands that have a variety of products to choose from but I feel these are the number one picks from all they have.

Hourglass Ambient Powder Wardrobe ($76)
This is a product I was debating whether or not to purchase in the first place because on one hand I knew that so many people loved it and were raving about it while on the other hands I didn't know if I could justify spending so much on more highlighters considering I already have so many favourites I'm just never going to get through them all. Well it's safe to say that I absolutely don't regret my purchase at all and I love this trio since it's a compact palette that covers setting my foundation, highlighting and shading all in one. Read my full review here.

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick ($55)
Applying one of these lipsticks is heavenly, best described as smothering your lips in a nourishing buttery formula that is shockingly pigmented. This lightweight but high impact colour leaves a beautiful sheen on your lips and locks in moisture. With an array of colours to choose from, there is a colour for every occasion including neutral shades for everyday wear to bright reds and bold pinks. They are by far the best lipsticks I have ever tried so despite them being quite pricey, I think they are worth it. Read my full review here.

Dior Lip Glow- Color Reviver Balm ($49)
This interesting product actually varies from person to person since the formula adapts depending on your own lip pigmentation and creates a colour personalised to you. It also incorporates all of the properties of a lip balm; hydrating and nourishing. So it not only works to repair and care for your lips but also provides you with a natural tint of colour. For me, the shade that is produced on my lips is a sheer medium rosy pink and it's perfect for bringing a bit of life to your face if you aren't wearing much makeup. It's definitely a handbag essential for me and definitely worth the $49.

So if you have never tried Hourglass, YSL or Dior then consider this the push you have been looking for to expand your horizons. These are my top recommendations for each of these brands so if you aren't sure on what is good from the brands then most likely you will love these.
Thanks for reading!