Thursday, July 30, 2015



Benefit now has coloured mascara under their belts, offering tasteful blue lashes to make your hazel eyes pop and beautiful brown for a more natural finish.

I have already given my two cents on the new coloured Benefit Push Up Liners (I have since collected the entire range so perhaps an update is in order) so I thought I would let you all know what I think about their coloured They're Real Mascaras.
Let me start off by saying that They're Real Mascara isn't a staple within my everyday makeup bag. Unfortunately my lashes have a hard time with the watery formulation and tend to clump together. Despite this, I do love myself some brown mascara and I am intrigued by the other colours so wanted to give these new releases a go.

Beyond Blue satisfyingly turns the lashes this awesome bright blue colour for a unique spin on a neutral look or a pop of colour for night-time glam.
I can't say that I ever look in the mirror and think "hmm I know what this look needs - blue mascara", but I do think it is fun to play around from time to time. This may come in handy for Halloween looks, colour themed parties or maybe sporting events (NSW rugby maybe?).
Getting real (pun intended) - this particular shade definitely isn't a staple so I would only recommend it if you love experimenting with colour. And wow it is colourful, the bright cobalt blue stands out among the other colours and I definitely admire it's beauty.
Beyond Brown is a medium brown, achieving a subtle finish for everyday eye looks and definitely a staple for those "no makeup" makeup days.
When I say medium brown I refer to the fact that it is a lighter brown than you may expect. Rather than a lot of brown versions of mascaras that are deep browns slightly lighter than the black, Beyond Brown is a true brown instead of a blackish brown.
This hue is perfect for lighter haired girls who are looking for a more wearable alternative to the usual black or dark brown.
So what's the price to pay for eye-catching blue or perfectly subtle brown lashes? The same as their cult classic black shade, $40 from Myer or David Jones.
Thanks for reading!