Thursday, July 2, 2015


Endlessly wandering through the perfume aisles? Follow these few golden rules and you will find your perfect scent in no time.

There is a lot to consider when looking for a new perfume, especially since they aren't cheap so you will definitely want to be utterly in love with the scent you choose. Keep reading for how to find a perfume that suits your personality, needs and price range.

You have to decide when you are primarily going to use the scent; day or night. Day scents will be a lot lighter and wearable whereas night scents are usually heavier and more prominent. Also take into consideration what season you are buying the scent for; cool crisp weather or warm sunny days. For spring and summer fruity and floral scents are best whereas autumn and winter call for musk and jasmine.
Spring/Summer Recommendations
Marc Jacobs Daisy, DKNY Be Delicious, Gwen Stefani G, Marc Jacobs Honey, Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, Pink Sugar and Gucci Flora.
Winter/Autumn Recommendations
Escada Incredible Me, DKNY Golden Delicious, Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium, Paco Robanne Lady Million and Vera Wang Princess.
Then work out what price range you are working with and how much you are willing to spend.
Saver Perfumes
DKNY Apple Perfumes - Be Delicious, Golden Delicious etc. ($30 - 30ml)
Vera Wang Princess ($48 - 50ml)
Splurge Perfumes
Marc Jacobs Daisy ($90 - 50ml)
Gucci Flora ($79 - 30ml)
Your safest bet is buying a smaller size of the perfume such as the 30ml option. Sure, it is a better deal to buy the larger bottle but I always reserve purchasing the full sizes for repurchases. That way I know I love the perfume and that I will go through a larger size. Before you know how much you need each use of the perfume, how often you have to reapply etc. starting off with a smaller size is the best way to go.  
It can definitely get confusing when you are face to face with 100 bottle of perfume in a department store so I hope that this post has given you a few tips and tricks on cutting through the marketing.
Thanks for reading