Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I adore monthly subscription boxes. Mainly because it's exciting that a box has been put together featuring a series of products for you to test out.

As a beauty junkie, I'm always looking to try new and interesting products so a lot of the times I will receive brands I have never even heard about and I think that is really important for expanding your knowledge of the market and beauty in general.

NAK Thermal Shield Protectant ($25.95)
I just had to start off with this product because when I saw that this was included, my jaw dropped. This is a product that I pay full RRP on when I go to the salon so to receive it as part of my Lust Have It was incredible. It's a really high quality product from a great Aussie brand and definitely my pick from this month's box.

Teeez Trend Lipstick ($32)
These may cost as much as a MAC lipstick but it may be worth the cost since they are super creamy and rich in colour. The formulation nourishes, hydrates and repairs cracked or dry lips while providing a beautiful pigmented colour.
Chapstick Hydration Lock ($4.99)
This is definitely not your ordinary Chapstick. This two in one is a double ended duo where each side works it's magic in different ways. Side one hydrates and soothes while side two locks in moisture for up to eight hours. Definitely taking the Chapstick to all new levels of effectiveness.
The Cosmetic Kitchen Peppermint Foot Mask ($24.95)
The first thing that popped into mind when I read the title of this product was the scene in Mean Girls where they swap Regina George's face cream with peppermint foot cream, just me? Nevertheless this product sounds absolutely divine and perfect for freshening up your feet especially when they are often spent in sweaty enclosed shoes during Winter, gross.
The Cosmetic Kitchen Wake Up Body Scrub ($29.95)
I love the idea of this product as being rejuvenating and awakening because I can definitely do with some of that during early morning showers or even at night when I still have lots of work left to do that evening. I will keep you posted on how I go with this one.
With a combined total worth of $117.84 in this box and all products being full sized, Lust Have It is on the ball this month with delivering great products to those subscribed.
Thanks for reading!