Thursday, July 16, 2015


Wake up a new woman by treating yourself to some overnight pampering.

From head to toe, we have you covered with these five treatment ideas to try overnight, taking beauty sleep to a whole new level.

Hydrate your hair with a coconut oil mask then pop a shower cap on to avoid transferring product onto your pillow case and clothes.

Get soft hands by applying a nourishing hand oil or cream then putting on some gloves to lock in the moisture. You can complete a similar treatment for your feet and heels but instead of some gloves simply pop on some socks after applying your product.

To treat your skin while you sleep and vanish those pimples, apply an intense night cream with a spot treatment over the top.

Something to try for the ultimate beauty sleep is a silk pillow for a luxe experience. They say silk pillows can be thanked for a crease free face and they also reduce splitting within your hair.

Lastly, treat your lips to a little TLC by exfoliating them with a scrub then applying a thick lip balm.

You may look a little crazy donning a shower cap, gloves and socks but if your boyfriend doesn't flinch with you looking like that then you know he is a keeper.
Thanks for reading!