Wednesday, July 22, 2015


In the past few weeks there has been an influx of new mascaras flooding the market and at the perfect timing for me as my lash extensions have almost all fallen out so I am now looking for the perfect mascara.

I have been rotating between these four trying to figure out which are my favourites and hoping to find a new holy grail. I thought I would let you know my opinions and give a mini review on them all because let's get real, who wants to spend $ buying all four of them.

Maybelline Lash Sensational ($21.95)
The curved brush has an interesting shape where it is much fuller on one side while the bristles are shorter on the other side. I love the versatility that this brush gives, especially the thin tip to get close to the inner corner of the eye. The colour is extremely black and pigmented so bold lashes is easy to achieve with this product. I love the consistency where it is the perfect balance of moisturising without being watery.
Benefit They're Real Coloured Mascara ($40)
So far I have tried the blue and brown shades of this mascara but my favourite is by far Beyond Brown because it is obviously much more wearable so I get more use out of it. The consistency is quite thin and watery so some days I just can't get this to work for my lashes but other times the results are outstanding. You can definitely spot the brush in the photo below because it is the only brown mascara in the bunch. Perfect if you have been looking for a more subtle mascara otherwise the original They're Real is a great option if you like watery mascaras.
Modelco Lash + Line ($24)
This product was actually more expensive than I expected it would be but I guess you have to take into consideration that it's a dual product so includes an eyeliner as well. The mascara itself has a thin and curved brush which helps control the product during application.
Australis Fierce Eyes Mascara ($10.95)
This mascara has a thick and plush brush that is the same width from top to bottom, not something I typically look for in a mascara but it seems to work okay on my lashes. My only issue is that I have trouble coating the inner and outer lashes since the brush isn't thin or flexible enough. Other than that I am impressed with the smooth formulation and black pigmentation.
The Verdict
I would recommend the Maybelline Lash Sensational or Modelco Lash + Line. Reason being is that they are the easiest to use, have a bold black pigmentation and don't clump the lashes. I think they will work for most people whereas the They're Real coloured mascaras might not be everyone's cup of tea and the Fierce Eyes mascara can be tricky if you have small or deep set eyes.
Thanks for reading!