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Sometimes there are products in the high end worth spending the money on because nothing else in the drugstore can compare. Luckily there are other times when you find very comparable products for a fraction of the price and can save a small fortune by choosing the cheaper alternatives.

 In this post I’m letting you know all about some of my favourite drugstore dupes for high end eye and face products. Caution: the results may shock you.

MAC Paint Pot ($35) - Maybelline Color Tattoos ($8-$12)
Back in the day, MAC Paint Pots were a one-of-a-kind product that could only be found in the higher end but now we have so many creamy eyeshadows in the drugstore. The most comparable to the MAC Paint Pots is definitely the Maybelline Color Tattoos. With the constant release of new shades, the colour selection rivals that of MAC and with a longer shelf life, these won’t dry up on you as fast as MAC Paint Pots have the tendency to. The price difference makes it worth choosing Maybelline but if you are after the cult classics like Bare Study and Rubenesque, it may be worth investing in the MAC ones.
MAC Mineralise Eyeshadows ($42) - Mary Kay Baked Trio ($18) / Maybelline Eye Studio Shadows($10)
The MAC Mineralised Eyeshadows are a favourite from the brand, providing amazing eyeshadow colours in stunning swirly combinations that look like a piece of art. However, the price to pay for these is $36 and with a couple of drugstore dupes, spending that kind of money isn’t always necessary. Maybelline have a series of baked shadows that look so incredibly similar to the MAC ones that the shape of the packaging is the biggest difference. Meanwhile, Mary Kay also offer a series of baked eyeshadow trios and despite not being marbled, they still provide a similar finish. Note that the Maybelline shadows may be discontinued and only available at selected pharmacies.  
Want a super dark and precise black liner? Well you can get exactly that for $ or $, it’s up to you. I made the mistake of purchasing the Chanel liner thinking that I was in for an eyeliner experience I had never had, with a very high end option I figured you couldn’t go wrong. However, the Chanel liner is sightly grey in colour, watery and not as precise as the Maybelline Master Precise at only $. In this case, the drugstore product isn’t just a cheaper alternative but it’s also a better product than that of the high end. 
MAC cream blushes are a product that I have raved about for years and despite it’s creamy formulation that seamlessly blends into the skin, there is a much cheaper alternative that rivals at the same quality. NYX Cream Blushes have a comparable consistency that melts at a touch and provides a naturally flushed finish.
Now this is the one product in the bunch where I say, go with the higher end option. MAC mineralize skin finishes are hard to replicate and nothing beats the buttery golden formulation. A lot of brands price these bronzing and highlighting products much higher than the rest while MAC remains even a bit cheaper than some. Revlon at one stage did have a great dupe at a quite affordable price, but it has since been discontinued sadly.
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I hope this article has given you some insight into more affordable options for high end products and that it ends up keeping some of that, otherwise spent, money in your purse.
Thanks for reading!