Monday, July 13, 2015


This Uni break I have been travelling a little bit more than normal, visiting Sydney twice and having just come back from Melbourne.

So I have picked up a few travel hacks and packing essentials that make my life much easier while on the go as well as conserve limited packing space.

Read on for the tips or watch the video version below.

Mini lipsticks are one of the best travel hacks I have come across and mean you can pack 10 lip colours and take up less space than two lipsticks would. I have an assortment on Avon samples and they definitely come in handy while travelling but even baby sizes such as those found in holiday sets, are better than packing full sized items.
Moisturiser is a must have for anyone with normal to dry skin because flying can really dehydrate your skin. I like to add my favourite heavy duty moisturiser under my makeup on days that I travel because it helps prevent my skin becoming very dry.
A mini brush set is essential for travelling because it definitely cuts down the space your makeup brushes take up. This cute little set from Furless contains seven brushes as takes up as much room as about two or three full sized brushes.
If you don't have acne prone skin or temperamental hair then switching up your skincare and hair care routine for mini sized samples is a great way to conserve precious packing space. Full sized bottles of shampoo and face wash are bulky and run the risk of exploding in your luggage so pack some of those mini sample sized products instead.
Those are my travel hacks and packing tips for conserving space in your luggage! Give the video a watch here for further information.
Thanks for reading!