Friday, July 10, 2015


NARS is a brand that I have only recently gotten into but with no surprise has grown on me very quickly due to their high quality products and sleek packaging.

After trying quite the selection of NARS products, I am now here with my top three favourites from all the products they offer.

NARS Pressed Powder ($46)
When I think of my favourite NARS products, this pressed powder immediately comes to mind. My favourite thing about it is how buildable the coverage is so it's perfect if you want to set your foundation but it would also work to wear on it's own if you want to build it up. It has a beautiful smooth consistency so it makes your face feel baby soft and is easily blended into your foundation or skin. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking to try out a high end pressed foundation or if you are looking to try your first NARS product. It is a beautiful product that is comparable to the Chanel Mat Lumiere powder but much more affordable. You can read my full review here or purchase it from Mecca here.

NARS "Nico" Blush ($39)
Leading on from the pressed powder, this could also be a great first NARS product to try since it is starting out quite natural so that you can get a grasp on their formulation and pigmentation. This was actually my very first NARS product and I fell in love with it's smooth consistency and great quality. It's the perfect shade for starting out since you can't go wrong with it and it allows you to trial a product in many different ways; highlight, eyeshadow, blush colour etc. You can read my full review here or purchase it from Mecca here.

NARS "Paramaribo" Eyeshadow Duo ($46)
Earlier this year I picked up four new NARS eyeshadows, one of them being this duo. I have since gotten the most use out of this colour combination so would recommend it as a great first purchase. It's the perfect duo of a green toned olive and deep golden chestnut with complimentary olive undertones. Perfect for mixing and matching to create an interesting sultry night look.
You can read more about this product here or purchase it from Mecca here.

Those are my three favourite NARS products and the items I find myself reaching for most from the brand. With that in mind, I think I'm just about ready to head back into Mecca and try out a few more items from the range, perhaps more liquids rather than powders (although the sleek black compacts are hard to resist).
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