Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Foundations are tricky since they are so personal and dependent on a lot of factors like your skin type, skin tone, preferred finish and all those fine details.

So I like to talk about all of the foundations I like in general and since I'm quite in the middle when it comes to those types of specifications, I really think that I can help you girls out there who aren't sure what you should be looking for.

Each of these foundations I think would work for any skin type and most skin tones, depending on the shade you select. Point being is that if you have no idea what kind of foundation you want or should be getting, then these are fool proof options that won't leave you disappointed.

I have two drugstore options and another couple from high end so there is a great deal of variety in price range depending on how much you are looking to spend.

Estee Lauder Double Wear ($50)
People left and right rave about the ELDW, it's one of the cult classic products that seems to work for everyone. I personally have somewhat dry skin and despite it being quite a matte and paint like finish, it still works well on my skin. I think girls with oily skin would get along even better with this product because the matte finish would leave you shine-free. This product has high coverage and is great for big events where you want your skin to look flawless. This particular formulation is difficult to work with though, drying very quickly so you have to blend fast.

Chanel Mat Lumire ($72)
Another matte foundation from the high end but this one is a bit easier to work with and there is much more room to move with it. It still has a matte finish but doesn't leave that "dried paint" feel on the skin. The coverage is slightly less than that of the ELDW but I would still consider it a medium to full coverage foundation. It never appears cakey and looks like your natural skin so it's a much better option for everyday wear.

Maybelline Better Skin ($23.95)
I always describe this product as the drugstore version of Chanel Mat Lumiere because it has a very similar light formulation. The only difference is that this is quite a medium coverage compared to Chanel's full coverage. With that being said, the Maybelline option is great for everyday wear and the perfect foundation for work or everyday errands. It also doesn't feel heavy on the skin which is great if you want to wear the foundation often.

Maybelline FIT Me ($18.95)
This product has an incredibly interesting formulation that is comparable to dry oil, it is very slippery and hydrating but goes on matte and not greasy at all. The interesting texture works well with the skin, laving a natural velvet finish. This is definitely a medium to full coverage foundation and matched with a concealer your skin will look flawless yet natural.

If you are currently on the hunt for a new foundation to try, I would highly recommend any of these four.

Thanks for reading!